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Question: Are walk-ons allowed at sold-out MD AS?

Started by WhyWon, March 11, 2012, 02:28:31 PM

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The next 3 MD AS are all sold out.

Are those events truly sold out, or are walk-ons allowed?

I might have one or two more attendees that I want to encourage to attend.

Many thanks,

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I think we may want a published response, also, so here goes:
We often have places on an apparently "sold-out" line available for walk-ons, but there can be no guarantees.
It all depends on whether the folks who sign up actually arrive.  Sometimes we'll get advance notice that a shooter has signed up but won't be coming, but sometimes we don't.  We strive to begin "on-time" meaning we want to have shooters present and have the admin work out of the way early, hopefully by 8:30 or 9, and if one or more people who have signed up are not present, the SB controls and has discretion, so contacting the SB (usually BeSwift) is a good idea.
In March, the line was pretty full, but we have had events where space for 3 or more walk-ons would have been available.
One thing to keep in mind:  Safety rules require that shooters leave rifles in the car until an RWVA instructor asks you to bring your rifle to the line, so if you want to see whether "walk-on" space is available for an Annapolis shoot, park and then come to the Rimfire range empty handed, and arrive before 8:30.
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This might be helpful.

We often tell people that if they live close and want to try for a spot, to go ahead and show up, but no promises.

I have them sign on a waiting list so first come gets the available spots.  Often times there are a bunch of little kids that take up much less room than an adult so you can squeeze in a few more than expected. 

Nothing I hate more than sold out events with huge waiting lists, and empty spots on the line.  Try to fill them if at all possible.  We do some of that with the waiting lists we have in Eventbrite, but sometimes like PG said, you just don't know.

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