Author Topic: WA Bill Introduced to Protect Shooting Ranges from Noise-Related Legal Action  (Read 263 times)

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Something here folks we should be aware of FYI.

Castle Mountain.

WA Bill Introduced to Protect Shooting Ranges from Noise-Related Legal Action[/b]]

H.B. 1508 states:

"A person who operates or uses a sport shooting range in this state shall not be subject to civil liability or criminal prosecution in any matter relating to noise or noise pollution resulting from the operation or use of the range if the range is in compliance with any noise control laws or ordinances that applied to the range and its operation at the date of construction or initial operation of the range."

"The bill sets up a grandfather clause for existing shooting ranges.  New ordinances or new noise control restraints passed by local governments would not effect those shooting ranges that have an established history in a community, neighborhood, etc.  In short, a shooting range is only accountable to the laws that existed during the time of its construction. "   

"Sport shooting ranges that are currently under construction would have to heed to the latest laws and regulations.
As for the protection of the owner(s) of shooting ranges from noise-related legal action, the bill states:   

"A person who acquires title to or who owns real property adversely affected by the use of property with a permanently located and improved sport shooting range shall not maintain a nuisance action against the person who owns the range to restrain, enjoin, or impede the use of the range where there has not been a substantial change in the nature of the use of the range. This subsection does not prohibit actions for negligence or recklessness in the operation of the range or by a person using the range.

In other words, if one buys and/or builds a home near an existing range he/she can't sue the range owner(s) for noise issues. "
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