Author Topic: Opportunities with scouting  (Read 491 times)

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Opportunities with scouting
« on: December 31, 2011, 10:39:43 AM »
Thursday and Friday of this week I went to the great frozen north (Lebanon, TN near Nashville) to help TnColonel conduct a two day intro to Appleseed at the BSA winter campout at the Boxwell Scout Reservation. I think it was a huge success. We could only handle 15 scouts on their 50 FOOT range so a full Appleseed wasn't possible. In addition we had to use single shot bolt guns per BSA requirements. Even with that we probably got more positive PR and spread the Appleseed message to more people than we could have in 10 regular Appleseed events because we familiarized probably 100 adult scout leaders to the program. TNColonel also gave every scout of the 15 who came to the shoot a coupon for a free full Appleseed event anywhere in Tennessee in 2012.

Follow this link to see a LOT of pictures, including some of a few trophy bucks that live at the reservation, of the 8 instructors who ran the event.

BTW, you'll also see a guy at the end grinning like a mule eating a wasp nest who is proudly sporting a new hat.

We might want to consider doing something like this event in conjunction with the Atlanta Area Council at camp Woodruff in North Georgia. Let me know if anyone is willing to help putting something like this together. I'll take the lead.

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