Author Topic: Illinois DNR wants to shut down Buffalo Range in Ottawa IL.  (Read 1515 times)

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Illinois DNR wants to shut down Buffalo Range in Ottawa IL.
« on: December 23, 2011, 04:54:46 AM »

If you're a gun owner or shooter and are located in the northern half of Illinois or located near the WI-IL or IN-IL boarder, then it's more than likely that you know of, have been to, or regularly shoot at the very famous public shooting range, "Buffalo Range Shooting Park" located in Ottawa, IL.  It has come to my attention that the IL DNR is trying to close this range and the people at the "Buffalo Range Shooting Park" now need our help and are asking that we write to various officials to voice our opinions and concerns about saving this very famous shooting park.  If you know of this range, then you probably know that there is really no other public range like it having rifle, pistol, trap ranges and a very large and ever-famous plinking pit.  If this range closes, we as northern Illinois shooters will be hard pressed to find anywhere to shoot legally or safely without paying high prices and dues to private shooting clubs.  Additionally, I am not aware of any place where one can find a large plinking pit such as the one at this shooting park, despite joining a club and paying high dues.  This certainly is a unique range and sadly, once this range is gone, it will be gone forever and as you know, there is no place like it to shoot within the northern Illinois area.   
Shooters, We Need Your Help!

Recently, Buffalo Range has come under attack by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources with totally unsubstantiated claims that stray bullets are impacting in Buffalo Rock State Park.
With six other private ranges and clubs in the area the IDNR refuses to investigate them and focuses only on Buffalo Range.
This is nothing more than a malicious extension of the liberal anti-gun agenda in Springfield.
Buffalo Range has been here for 41 years as an active shooting range where the public can come to enjoy our sport of shooting. We are one of the very few shooting ranges available to the public.
Help us preserve your shooting rights and our sport!
We encourage you to write letters in support of our sport and our shooting range. Please remember when writing to be professional and truthful in your description of the range and it's operation. Also, when you send a letter to anyone listed below include a copy to The Ottawa Times Editor to insure that our voices are heard.
This may be our business, but it is your place to shoot.
And once it's gone it may be gone forever!!
Thank You.

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Spring field
One Natural Resources Way
Springfield, IL. 62702-1271
Attn: Marc Miller / Director

Senator Rezin
38th District
103 Fifth Street P.O. Box 260
Peru, IL. 61354

Congressman Adam Kinzinger
11th District, Illinois
2701 Black Road
Joliet, IL. 60435

The Ottawa Times
110 W. Jefferson Street
Ottawa, IL. 61350
Attn: Editor

And anyone else you can think of that may help us preserve our place to enjoy our sport of shooting.
Remember: Be courteous and professional.
Let's try to keep our shooting rights in Illinois by showing the people above that we care and we want to have a place like the Buffalo Range Shooting Park open and available to the people of Illinois!
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Re: Illinois DNR wants to shut down Buffalo Range in Ottawa IL.
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Below is a link that provides more info:

Pettions are being circulated at Northern Illinois gun shows. The next Gun Show is in Wheaton,IL on Jan1st. The one after that is @ Kane county on Jan 8th. I recommend over and above to sending letters that you have your name and signature on these petitions.

I cannot stress enough if you send letters is to be profesional with a courteous tone. It would be helpful to mention some of the range rules @ Buffalo Rock. One example would be the use of the flags on the berm and anyone that has a round that goes above the flags are immediatly ejected from the park. What this does is to place the range in a positive light when safety is concerned. The reports that are out there are trying to provide a visual that it is like the wild west inside the park and the public at large is at risk. I think both you and I know this simply isn't the case.

The core issue here is the belief that rounds are escaping the park. I did see one report that said that they found "bullet shell casings" along a walking path. Well you as well as I know that the origin of that particular discovery could not be from Buffalo Rock Shooting Park.

Please take the time to write to the pricipals listed in Mike38's post...........Thank you Mike for for posting this. O0



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