Author Topic: Annapolis, MD Dec 3-4, 2011 AAR  (Read 462 times)

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Annapolis, MD Dec 3-4, 2011 AAR
« on: December 04, 2011, 08:22:45 PM »
Another G R E A T Anappleseed is now history and quite the class it was...

Great, albeit chilly mornings, brought out a number of highly motivated shooters on both days. Sat saw 10 shooters and Sunday saw 7 on the line. Almost all, were repeat Appleseed students, which is heartening indeed.
Totals from these repeat students?  Mike M shot EIGHT Appleseed scores, almost all between 231-238! Not to be outdone, son Jacob M, shot EIGHT Rifleman scores with a high of "only" 230!  Both shooters were using IRON sights..

Our two, second time EVER shooters, Chris K managed 7 Rifleman scores with a high of 231!  Chris's mom Missy managed "only" SIX Rifleman scores, almost ALL were in the 220's... Missy also gets the "headscratcher" of the day award, for scoring a 200 on an AQT withe EIGHT misses on the 2nd stage due to a malfunction... You do the math!

Several other students are knocking on the door of earning the Rifleman patches, and I'm certain we'll see them on the line soon, at a nearby Appleseed.

Thank you to all the students & instructors, including Brickhouse from West by God Virginia, for stepping up to help when the call went out...   BeSwift

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