Author Topic: Black Forest Festival and Leadville Boom Days  (Read 561 times)

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Black Forest Festival and Leadville Boom Days
« on: August 15, 2011, 04:07:37 PM »
ColoradoBoots has been busy this year helping to promote Appleseed. Her latest contribution was arranging for a table at the Black Forest Festival. Black Forest is a small community north of Colorado Springs and their yearly festival draws thousands of folks. She also was able to commandeer a group of Revolutionary War re-enactors to march in the festival parade with us.  Prone To Knit did most of the work getting display materials ready for the booth and did a great job handing out candy and flyers along the parade route and also talking to future Appleseeders. PTK's sister and brother-in-law from California, who have never been to an Appleseed, joined in the parade and also helped answer questions at the booth. Sheepdog and MtnManPrepper manned the booth most of the day. MMP is the new Colorado Promotions Coordinator and is doing a fantastic job contacting new venues for promotions.

During the event we marched in a parade and handed out over fifteen pounds of candy along with hundreds of tri-folds. We talked with hundreds of people about Appleseed at our booth. Not bad for one day.

The weekend before Prone To Knit, MtnManPrepper, Nitro45 and I worked at the Leadville, CO Boom Days gun show to promote the upcoming Leadville shoot.  We talked with hundreds of people from across the United States and made several possible range contacts.