Author Topic: Harvard shoot this weekend: construction on the access road - detour  (Read 498 times)

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There will be construction underway very near the Harvard Sportsmen's Club that will close the most commonly used route which includes Whitcomb Avenue/Littleton County Road. Construction is slated to begin August 1 and the current plan is to close the road during weekdays. At this point, we do not know when the project will be complete or if they will change plans regarding weekdays vs. weekends.

If the normal route is closed, the alternate is to use the route often taken by travelers approaching from the south on I-495.

Take Exit 28 from I-495.
Head west on Route 111.
Go through traffic lights at Swanson Road,
Turn right onto Littleton County Road.
Stay right with Littleton County Road at Oak Hill Road split.
Continue approximately 1.8 miles to HSC on right.

If you normally travel on Route 2 to Exit 39, Taylor Street, you will want
to get on I-495 Southbound and travel 1 exit south to Exit 28, Route 111.
Then proceed as above.
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