Author Topic: Don't Miss the Last Midwest Fred's AIBC of the Year in Northern Illinois!  (Read 1482 times)

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    In case you get a chance, this will prob be the last "Fred AIBC" in your neck of the woods for this year - and maybe for a year or more.

    The weekend of July 23-24 will be a chance to sit down face to the face with the founder of the program, and ask any question you want - and hear answers to questions you never thought to ask.

    Here's the details, as posted on the Illinois state board:

     Maybe you haven't heard of it yet.

     But this top-secret event is for any RWVA instructor in Illinois (and out-of-staters are welcome, too).

     It's not what you think it is. It's about simple things like "Running the Perfect Appleseed", but it's also about the more complicated challenges we face in this program today.

     All the info is on the Boot Camp sched at [except the location is TBD; and email will notify pre-regs Friday morning with directions]

     This event is FREE but you need to register on eventbrite so we know how many to plan for. To register for this, go to

     Check for the opinion of someone who's been to one, and what they say about "you need to come".

     We have five people signed up so far. If we can get one more, we can TIE AZ's AIBC for the following weekend, which has SIX signed up.

     Hey, guys - if we can get SEVEN signed up, we can BEAT Arizona!!!

     PS: There is a $20 person/weekend which covers ALL food costs for the weekend. There's room to bring a cot so you can stay on-site, free! Come, bring a "teachable attitude", and be prepared to IAO!

     If you can come - and the invite is extended to all RWVA instructors down to IIT0, please pre-reg as indicated above. We are winging this because of the collapse of arrangements in IL, so that I'll need to email each of you Friday morning with details of the actual location. It will likely be in the Ottawa area.
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