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Piru, CA - July 9-10, 2011
« on: July 12, 2011, 04:17:53 AM »
Another fantastic shoot at the Piru DAR.  Weather was mild for Piru (high 80s) and we had a nice breeze without all the previous week's humidity.

Attendance allowed us to give everybody lots of personal attention.  Morning Redcoats...well they were what they were.  It was nice to see familiar faces again Donna A and son Kefa.  Tony brought Wayne who was a rank beginner.  Wayne pretty much just unboxed his rifle.  Chad is a Calgunner making good use of our partnership program.


All shooters showed fantastic improvement from the morning round.  Kefa worked that bolt action for all it was worth and kept hitting 5 MOA groups until AQTs.  Donna did well until the second day when fatigue set in.  Wayne did amazingly well and was a fantastic student, he turned in a 5MOA ball and dummy!  Not bad for a first time.  Chad had good groups and kept chasing his zero...until he found out his scope mount was loose.  By the end of the day I think everybody was pretty happy with the improvement though we had no new riflemen.

A note about Tony, he is a High Master High-power shooter.  It was a real treat to watch him shoot and we were honored to have him with us.  It was even more of an honor that when his friend Wayne expressed an interest in learning how to shoot Tony personally brought him to us.  An example of how well Tony could shoot his AR (with a bullet button and iron sights no less) is that with 38 shots he had 38 fives (for a 240).  Why not 40 shots for the perfect score?  Eh...he didn't want to rush himself.

Sunday was run like another Saturday.  We lost Wayne and Tony but gained Argus, Donna S, Eric and Ms Veronica.  Argus was at the Santa Barbara shoot last week and was so excited he asked his Mom if they could go to another!  He was there shooting the family rifle that I talked about in the SB AAR.  Argus' Mom (Donna S) hadn't even planned to shoot but she got down on a mat with some Shoot Boss' lousy loaner and wrestled with it all day >:(.

Sunday Redcoats
No bayonet dummies here!

Argus was one hit shy of clearing the Redcoats!  Ms Veronica was back in the same form that makes her a legend in my book.  I still tell everyone how Ms Amanda and Ms Veronica outshot people with years and years of rifle experience!  Eric and Scott1600 shot side by side 30 cals.  Eric was knocking on the door all day long...good thing he has that ROC.

We had a surprise guest from the past drop in (asminuteman) which worked perfectly into Dangerous Old Men!  By the end of the day Ms Donna A had seemingly memorized every point of instruction...I hear orange hats are very fashionable now-a-days (HINT HINT).  We had near constant improvement as shown in the Redcoats.

Besides students our instructor corps also improved.  I am pleased to announce that Pvt.Joker received his Red Hat.  He basically ran all instruction for both days.  I am sad to say that he is running off to Oregon with his hat...but at least he can use his instructor poncho more than I use mine.  I was there at his first shoot when he was just a little 753x0.  I saw him through his entire progression to RH and I will miss my friend.  Piru will also miss sons Ben and Quentin.  May the road rise to meet you Pvt.Joker.

I can't really think of a nicer way to spend the weekend.

My thanks to Instructors:  Scott1600, gratefuldog and Pvt.Joker
Also to special guest star asminuteman who is always welcome!


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Re: Piru, CA - July 9-10, 2011
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2011, 12:36:36 PM »
Thanks for the great learning experience. I'm glad I was talked me into joining in - much better that being a spectator!!

Mr. Pete, without your loaner I wouldn't have had the fun of improving my marksmanship - so no worries ^:)^

Also, Joker, what was the type of ammunition you let us try (thank you)? I've already forgotten the name...

We both appreciate all the training, patience and heritage!

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Re: Piru, CA - July 9-10, 2011
« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2011, 01:32:30 PM »
Welcome aboard nerodia.
Good job California O0
nice pic's too  ;D
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