Author Topic: May Press Interview with Bob Morris of the 'Raton Range' Newspaper  (Read 660 times)

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This press interview took place while at the May RBC at the NRA's Whittington Center last month, Sports Editor, Bob Morris of the 'Raton Range' came out and interviewed us.

Here are a few snips and the linky:

There's more to the clinic than just shooting a rifle, though. Instructors at the clinic also give attendees a lesson in history -- specifically, the events that took place April 19, 1775, that are considered the start of the Revolutionary War. That night, British soldiers sought to seize military supplies from Concord and Lexington in Massachusetts.

Bradford explained the target helps shooters determine how accurate they really are with a rifle. "People think they shoot better than they can," he said. "This target tells the truth."

Bradford said instructors are not as interested in getting people to own firearms as they are at teaching people about history and getting them to improve at anything they do. He said the lessons people learn at the clinic can help them improve in anything they do in life.
"We do it because we are passionate about history and the marksmanship quality it took to lead to the birth of a nation," he said.

A pic here of NMMI9100 and a shooter.

Reading the horror stories that can become of "national" interviews I had a bit of trepidation, but it went well.
I quickly took charge from the get go and covered the mission and tried to do most of the talking.

Morris was very open to the program. I invited him to shoot a Redcoat and then invited him back to join us in September.
I predominately focused on the heritage part. The interview with me took place in the classroom amid the flags, and all the instructional marksmanship posters/dryboards.
Then he went out and interviewed some of the shooters. Total time was about 45 minutes.

I will get those RBC AAR's up soon...promise. :)
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Re: May Press Interview with Bob Morris of the 'Raton Range' Newspaper
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I have an interview with local press here in SW Ohio very soon.  The request comes as a result of an Appleseed presentation I made several weeks ago to a local Rotary Club.  In the audience was the publisher of several small-town papers.

Having searched the site for press interviews, I came upon your post. I just wanted to say "THANKS" for the post.  I think you covered all the bases.  Your writeup helps me be sure I cover all the bases as well.

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