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I thought that some of you history buffs might appreciate an entire 25 lecture history course on the revolutionary war.  I have not listened to it all and it may have a "Yale" slant I don't know yet.  The man responsible for putting this online is a christian home educating parent so I suspect the content will sit well with most of you.  Hope some of you find this useful.

Lecture Details :

The American Revolution (HIST 116)

Professor Freeman offers an introduction to the course, summarizing the readings and discussing the course's main goals. She also offers five tips for studying the Revolution: 1) Avoid thinking about the Revolution as a story about facts and dates; 2) Remember that words we take for granted today, like "democracy," had very different meanings; 3) Think of the "Founders" as real people rather than mythic historic figures; 4) Remember that the "Founders" aren't the only people who count in the Revolution; 5) Remember the importance of historical contingency: that anything could have happened during the Revolution.

Complete course materials are available at the Open Yale Courses website:

This course was recorded in Spring 2010.
Course Description :

The American Revolution entailed some remarkable transformations--converting British colonists into American revolutionaries, and a cluster of colonies into a confederation of states with a common cause -- but it was far more complex and enduring then the fighting of a war. As John Adams put it, "The Revolution was in the Minds of the people... before a drop of blood was drawn at Lexington"--and it continued long past America's victory at Yorktown. This course will examine the Revolution from this broad perspective, tracing the participants' shifting sense of themselves as British subjects, colonial settlers, revolutionaries, and Americans.
This is not Rev war specific but has some of the best liberty minded history on the whole Internet IMHO:

And if you look around you will find plenty of Rev war pertinent stuff.

This is another 8 hour long rev war course at the first URL: HIUS 101 - The American Revolution (Audio Only)
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Thanks for finding that.  O0
I just did the first lecture. Prof Joanne Freeman is a very dynamic speaker. She is witty and humorous and not all caught up in the dry facts.
 She is easy to listen to, holds your attention well and therefore it is easy to absorb the  information she gives.
She is honest about what she does not know.

Her focus is on the common everyday people and the decisions they made, and the uncertainties that they lived with.
That should sound familiar to most of us here. She is also not biased to one side or the other.

Don't know where it will end up, but based on the first lecture, I will definitely listen the rest of the lectures.
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Thanks for sharing............. You got to love new technology every now and then.


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Thank you for the link!


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Thanks for the link!

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In and out issues with downloading, but everything is worth the information gained...

Huzzah and thanks for those that found and posted this educational link!!!

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This can also be found on iTunes U....If you use itunes downloading is quite easy this way.

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Glad that some are finding it useful.  The Ludwig von Misces institute   Has one of the best by far - libraries of liberty minded material.  I am sure if you dig you can find much that pertains to the revolutionary era. You will have to dig as there are hundreds of lectures here but it should not take you more than and hour or so to get an idea of what is here.  Perhaps if you find anything  Revolutionary era you can post it in this thread to help others.

To start things off there are some pages on the above site with Rev era  history:

I will post this link above for those that do not follow the thread down this far.

After listening to the first 5 hours of the Yale lectures I find she misses the very  important point that the reason for England having to raise taxes is that they paid interest to a private banking cartel for their money called the Bank of England.  They also took away the colonies colonial script. To which Franklin attributed the whole revolt.

Huge point IMHO and she misses it or disagrees with me.  Does anyone  ever point out the also obvious that it took the taking of their arms (gun powder) to be the straw that broke the camels back?
  I also found out that for me Chrome browser does a better job than Firefox for downloading.
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This is a fantastic resource, thank you for the link!

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  • Posts: 37 is a great site.  I am currently listening to an audio version of Murray Rothbard's "Conceived In Liberty" (  History of this country from the first colonies onward, so not Rev War specific, but it's interesting to consider how the prior history of abuse and persecution in the colonies led to later ideas of liberty.
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Thanks much Neil   ^-^
I am passing this on to local  home schoolers at my church.
My pastor is a HUGE fan of the site.

The 4th volume of the 4 volume PDF set is: Conceived in Liberty, Volume 4: The Revolutionary War
by Murray N. Rothbard is free and 466 pages. Or you could get the audio version above.

In Liberty brother.

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"It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government."
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Great Link!
I'm going to share with other homeschoolers (including my children).
Freeman is engaging and informative without being condescending (at least so far).

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