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Get Thee to an AIBC!!!
« on: March 02, 2011, 12:04:25 AM »
If you are within a day's drive of the WV AIBC, YOU MUST ATTEND THIS !!

Forget all the forum drama, intrigue, rumors and guessing; learn all things Appleseed from Fred, face-to-face.

Experience in person:

Courtesy with Honesty
Politeness with uncompromising bluntness
Respect flowing both ways

The way people used to communicate before the Age of the Internet.

Having spent 3 days eyeball-to-eyeball with Fred (everyone knows how meek and silent I am  **)  >:D  **)  ), the only reasonable response I can have to the experience is to redouble my efforts for the success of Project Appleseed and pony-up for a Lifetime Appleseed membership.

Appleseed truly is what it is!



Photos on WI board

I did not think that I could put into words the thoughts and feelings that I experienced at the recent AIBC in Wisconsin, but to some degree I did when asked to do so in a PM exchange with one of the long-time Appleseed instructors on my personal "most admired" list:

Quote from: anonymous SI on Today at 09:08:19 PM
Please enlighten me as to how my attending at an AIBC will make a difference.

Short answer: "Because it will." Or if you prefer, "42."

Longer attempt at an answer:  Fred showed to my satisfaction (and I'm a pretty tough customer) that he himself came to the WI AIBC with a teachable attitude, blunt honesty about the struggles within the program, a sincere interest in hearing  'seeder's views on what the biggest problems are and how they might be addressed, and willingness to answer ANY question without being authoritarian.

Fred had some small knowledge of me from pointed PM's and posts before I met him briefly at Waterman 300, and he is well aware that I have a tendency to reply to posts that may eventually lead to the censure of the original poster (in reality very few have faced real sanctions -another invited topic at AIBC's).  He listened to me with just as much attention, consideration and respect as he did to the SI's present and every other volunteer in between.  During the initial group introductions I admitted that I had worked briefly in Black Ops post-VN in the mid-'70's, then tried to be normal (starting a family and a professional career).  I found that I could not stand by idly and watch America spiral toward collapse, became active in the militia and then became disillusioned at their forum bickering and real-life impotence.

Other militia members suggested Appleseed as a good marksmanship training program with the warning to "keep your ass down and don't try to recruit there."  Seeing that AS has a much better chance of actually saving our Nation, I opted to cast my lot with the RWVA and put aside my militia activity.  Fred didn't flinch, didn't suggest that I go elsewhere to avoid making AS the target of more "militia link" accusations and did not offhandedly dismiss any of my viewpoints or suggestions.

In fact, it appears to me that Fred sincerely wants to hear from everyone at the AIBC's and is looking to the Instructor Corps for the things that need to be done and for what will save the program.  If thoughtful, seasoned Appleseed volunteers like you don't attend an AIBC, how is Fred to know and hear about the pressing real life issues?

And if helping Fred understand what the most pressing problems are facing Appleseed from a volunteer's perspective is not sufficient reason to attend an AIBC, the personal growth that an AIBC provokes is more than enough to make attending one (at least) mandatory for anyone that can physically come to one.

Now that I've written all this out, I think some form of this message needs to be formatted to post on the forum.  I sincerely believe that every instructor would benefit greatly from an intimate weekend with Fred, and that Appleseed will benefit greatly from Fred spending these intimate weekends with the people that create the Appleseed experience for our guests and future instructors.

Therein lies the key to the success of Project Appleseed and the banishing of all the distractions and doubts that have caused so many of us to stumble or waver, just at the time that our full efforts are crucial to saving our Nation.

If this long version is too much, just go back to "42."

You need to be there and help create our future success.  I know it sounds corny, but I'm not going to lie about it.


If you are not an experienced SI, there is a TON of useful information presented on how to run a perfect Appleseed shoot, how to frame the history so that guests get the maximum benefit from hearing the Appleseed message, how to instruct students most effectively while planting the seeds for their future development as instructors after they earn their Rifleman patch and much more.  You'll learn the origins of RWVA and Project Appleseed, its successes and setbacks, the reasons behind some of those seemingly "odd" or "unreasonably PC" rules of conduct, appearance and decorum, along with gaining intimate familiarity with the table manners and snoring patterns of your fellow instructors.  The later points can prove useful in blackmailing your peers and helping some find life-saving medical intervention for their obstructive sleep apnea before they have a heart attack or stroke.

I took 32 pages of notes, and missed at least as much while trying to write it all down.

At several points Fred "strongly recommends" not trying to write notes so that you can concentrate on particularly intense learning blocks.
***OK, I've been challenged on the "strongly recommends" part above.  I'm busted!  Fred flat out said "don't take notes" at those points - listen and think about these points, don't halt your mind while struggling to write it all down. ***

If you are an Appleseed volunteer and you want Project Appleseed to succeed at saving the sinking ship that is our Nation, YOU must make every effort within your power to attend at least one AIBC with Fred.  Anything less is unacceptable, and very hypocritical; if you have not made an effort to attend an AIBC I see no point in expending the effort to read your complaints on the forum.

If you are within a day's drive of an AIBC, YOU MUST ATTEND ONE OF THESE !!!

OK, you read the reviews, and the Coop makes it perfectly clear what everyone qualified to attend should be doing.  8)
We invite all eligible instructors to come join us in central WV on the weekend of March 26-27, as Fred brings the AIBC to Appalachia. Details can be found at this link:;boardseen#new

Hopefully many from our region will be in attendance. We will overlook "no shows" who produce a letter of absence from Dr. Samuel Prescott.  :)

I'll even give you the link to the Gassaway, WV AIBC:

Do it!  You won't regret it!!

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