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Wow Factor!!!
« on: February 06, 2011, 04:36:49 PM »
Just took out my AR-15 Bushmaster (20in floated barrel with a flat top) attached with a new Burris AR-332 sight.  I have never taken my AR passed 100 yards before.  This new scope has hold overs for 55 grain bullets at 100 thur 500 yards.  Wow..... I didn't realize that an AR could be so accurate.  After sighting in at 200 yards, then 300 yards, then 400 yards.  I took it out to the big 500 yard marker.  Shooting at a homemade silhouette target (Man size) I shot a three round group at center mass, then took one head shot.  I held a 6 inch group just a little high.....(4 inches upper chest) and the head shot was dead center.  This was not off the bench but prone shooting off my backpack.  Thank you appleseed.  I feel like I am getting closer to shooting at my rifles capabilities.  Next test will be sling only at the 100 thur 500 yard targets.  I did this 2 times in a row.  Not just lucky.  Zero wind as well.

Thanks again Appleseed.  I would have never thought I could shoot a rifle that well.  It's all because of appleseed instructions.  Thanks.

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PS Off the couch again......That's 7 weekends in a row.  Rain or shine or more lately snow.
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