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The world as a whole has been defined as a 3% world.

We all know about unemployeement statistics in our country and that it's always been around 4%. 

That is because 3% of the population is "Unemployable".  It is just the way things are. As Jesus said, the poor will 'always'
be among you. So this 3 percent is a constant!

If you start to look at alot of the problems we face in our nation today it all ends up to 3%

What ends up happening is that we spend 80% of our time working on a problem that will only be solved for 3% of the people. 

This is not an appleseed thing, it really is the same everywhere.

It comes down to what is an effective use of your time.  80% of your time spent on 3%  or  80% of your time spent on the remaining 97%

The bottom line is to Stay Focused and work where you can do the most good, because your always going to get the 3%

Does the Appleseed (RWVA membership) fall into this group?  We can do so much better with this beta test for BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE.

I know we can. Are we reaching only 3 percent of our membership with this message ? Perhaps it needs to be posted seperately on each state board.

Any thoughts?   Amazing isn't it? I am no Paul Revere, but 'the cause is just; and the call went out and many (3 percent maybe?) have responded but the majority have not.

Keep this event going. 24 hours will be up by dinner time today. Come APPLESEED  make this happen. What happened to that large California population.
What is going on with the BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE home state of Oregon? 


Repost below:

If an organization can demonstrate it's credibility by manifesting some of it's buying power potential then it could be perceived
as an economic force to be recon'd with. Imagine being an Appleseed instructor and otherwise volunteer who loves his or her
expensive shooting sport could make purchases at much lower prices?    Items such as a wooden rifle stocks, or rifle scopes
or ammunition or ammo magazines or sights or knives or whatever.

Would you be interested?  Yes?

Well I have been working on this for some time now and we are getting close. However, such a benefit needs to be
reciprocal for this possibility to work. Therefore I would like to see a demonstration within Appleseed to prove
this can work. Now some of you have already this very day shown this can be done but I am looking for large
numbers. Yes this is sort of a test. JM Davis gave me the idea. If you are not already a subscriber to BACKWOODS HOME
MAGAZINE. would you sign up with a subscription right now to see how many subscriptions we can flood and I mean
flood their business with in a 24 hour period? Prove Appleseed to be an economic tidal wave and wash up on the door step

I would like to see if we can like Paul Revere rally large numbers even though this is such a simple test.
The benefits will be considerable I am certain. Benefits to all concerned. Call it
pay forward if you will. But when we have demonstrated such buying power, our ability to win over other companies
will be made easier. Also, it take money to pay for advertising which keeps such a fine magazine as BACKWOODS HOME
running and producing such valuable information. And, their willingness to help Appleseed thus far with no strings attached
and free advertising compels me to say, we need as a group, pay honor to whom honor is due.

When I can say to a CEO or marketing exec that our RWVA membership has done this for company "A" they are going to  think favorably
towards us and we have opportunity to be recipients 'as volunteers' of receiving better pricing.  This may be Armalite, this may be Vortex Optics
this may be,, Power Custom... the list is growing. USAammo is willing to do video shoots
for Appleseed and list us among their preferred training companies we stand to gain better ammunition prices, shipped to your door.

The possibilities are endless.
The question is.... are all Appleseeder's willing to try this, this 'one time test' to flood BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE with subscriptions
to demonstrate how valuable a friend Appleseed is as they have been to us and show our real appreciation.
We need to patronize our community of friends in a big way. We are now looking a possibility of a continued run of free advertising through
out the year. We, I feel, have an obligation. I hope you all do.

I have been also trying to arrange a shoot for them in Gold Beach, Oregon as well as they are so eager and wanting to have one.
This shoot will have long range benefits as well.

We can do this, if you want to badly enough!  What a surprise for BACKWOODS HOME MAGAZINE to find several hundreds of subscriptions on file the next day.
What if it were a thousand?  They will flip, I have no doubt. Show your ability and power to influence  the market place. Tis a small thing and the rewards so great.
And No I am not a share holder. I would like to see us perform an economic wave that will enhance our credibility. This is a good time
to do it.   How do you think they would respond to Appleseed in future? So, why not, lets give it a whirl, can we?

Once we have our Instructor Web site up and running these friendly vendors and their  potential benefits  could be made available  privately to
instructors  will start to be listed as they are developed. I personally have enjoyed great savings already.  But I/we need proof that we (like I have personally been)
are also a economic value to them. Large numbers make it easier.

Here is the web site to subscribe :

Main web site is here: