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South Carolina Range Information.


Gaston, SC.  Mid-Carolina Rifle Club.    The directions are on the website. This club is a non-profit club dedicated to preserving the Second Amendment.

     FACILITIES:  This range has heated bathrooms and includes full shower facilities with hot water.  There are many ranges at MCRC and there may be more than one event going on at the same time.  There is potable water on site, but no food.  Food is available within 10 miles (stores and restaurants).  There are no buildings available for rest, relaxation, or privacy other than the restrooms.  The range has no heating or air conditioning and the firing lines are not covered although we have some popup canopies.

     SCHEDULE:  All shoots begin at 0830 on Saturday morning. The shoots ends around 1730 on Saturday and 1700 on Sunday.  THE GATE will be opened around
0730.  If you arrive early and the gate is locked, please do not call the emergency numbers and wake the President of the club up. 

      THE GATE: NO JUMPING the fence or the gate!  Members of MCRC run the risk of disciplinary action.  Non-Members run the risk of not being allowed to participate in the Appleseed.  This is in the hands of the club officers. You also run the risk of being arrested by on-site police that are staking the club out trying to catch the vandals.

     CAMPING:  Camping is generally not available. Must contact shoot boss before the event.

     CLUB SPECIFIC RULES:  Eye and Ear protection are mandatory.  All rounds must impact the berms.


     LIBERTY TRAINING RIFLES:  Orders and reservations for Liberty Training Rifles (LTRs) are NOT  accepted in advance.  LTR availability is sporadic dependent upon which Instructors are there and are available on a first come, first served basis only.

     CHILDREN:  Children are ENCOURAGED to attend and as they are our future are free at ALL Appleseed shoots;  however, it in order to make the shoot more enjoyable please take note of the following:
                                                           Children should be able to handle their rifles.  In the event they are not up to the physical rigors of handling
                                                            a rifle all day, the parents should bring a backpack, sandbag or other support so the child can be the
                                                            "Designated Sniper" for the event.

                                                           Children should be capable of following instructions and be well-behaved.

     WEATHER:  Being sub-tropical, the weather in South Carolina will vary greatly dependant upon the season.  Be prepared for warm weather in January and torrential rains.  High winds are possible as are tornadoes.  We generally are aware in advance of hurricanes but the shoot will only be cancelled if the hurricane is expected to make landfall and hit the range the same day as the shoot.  Snow or snowing is not a reason to cancel the shoot or buy bread and milk for that matter but active ice storms or ice on the roads will cancel the shoot.  Personally whenever a winter storm is coming, I buy ice cream.
The summers in South Carolina tend to be very hot and humid.  Going outside in the summertime is kinda like someone taking a hot, wet towl and slapping you in the face with it. If you attend a shoot in the summer (which can run April-October sometimes)  please dress accordingly and be prepared to drink one quart of water per person per hour and eat some POTATOE chips to replace sodium and potassium electrolytes.

     HUNTING SEASON AND SPORTING EVENTS:  I am adding this due to all the comments and emails I get about it:  The ranges tell me when I can do an Appleseed and I have no ability or desire to schedule Appleseed around sporting events.  You can hunt something at all times during the year in SC and deer season runs for 5.5 months so it is nearly impossible to schedule an Appleseed around hunting season or even opening day. Besides, you really need to learn how to hit your target first before you go hunting anyway and maybe then you won't have to hunt as much since you can now hit out to greater ranges.


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