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South Carolina Range Information.

Started by DuaneRN, November 14, 2010, 07:05:04 PM

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Gaston, SC.  Mid-Carolina Rifle Club.    The directions are on the website. This club is a non-profit club dedicated to preserving the Second Amendment.

     FACILITIES:  This range has heated bathrooms and includes full shower facilities with hot water.  There are many ranges at MCRC and there may be more than one event going on at the same time.  There is potable water on site, but no food.  Food is available within 10 miles (stores and restaurants).  There are no buildings available for rest, relaxation, or privacy other than the restrooms.  The range has no heating or air conditioning and the firing lines are not covered although we have some popup canopies.

     SCHEDULE:  All shoots begin at 0830 on the designated morning.  THE GATE will be opened around 0730.  If you arrive early and the gate is locked, please do not call the emergency numbers.

      THE GATE: NO JUMPING the fence or the gate!

     CAMPING:  Camping is generally not available. Must contact shoot boss before the event.

     CLUB SPECIFIC RULES:  Eye and Ear protection are mandatory.  All rounds must impact the berms.

   CHILDREN:  Children are ENCOURAGED to attend;  however, in order to make the shoot more enjoyable please take note of the following:
                                                           Children should be able to handle their rifles.  In the event they are not up to the physical rigors of handling
                                                            a rifle all day, the parents should bring a backpack, sandbag or other support so the child can be the
                                                            "Designated Sniper" for the event.


WEATHER:  Being sub-tropical, the weather in South Carolina will vary greatly dependent upon the season. Please plan accordingly as all shoots are outside.


Newberry Rifle and Pistol Club. 774 Nancy Road. Newberry, SC. 29108.

This is the Rifle range and NOT the pistol range that is in town.  The range is a little less developed than some places.  There is no potable water on site.  Generally port a potty's are available.  Generally camping is allowed.  With both of the previous, you will need to contact the Shoot Boss of the event prior to the event if you need to know the answers.

We do host shoots in the summer at this range as it is down in a vale and next to a stream and is typically cooler.

EYE and EAR protection required by the club.

Update 3/14/24: From the gate to the range, the driveway sometimes gets damaged from heavy rain.  A low ground clearance vehicle MAY have problems getting down to the range.  In which case we will have someone at the gate with an appropriate vehicle and can assist you in getting to the range if you would like.
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