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Instructor Information - Read this !!!

Started by marrandy, November 03, 2010, 08:54:45 PM

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Hello and welcome to Appleseed.  This is the Florida sub-forum and the direct link to the FL Forum is


This is a work in progress, a living document, so if you find any errors, omissions or wish to suggest improvements, please PM me or send me an email to


First.  Please read the   'New attendee information - Everyone should read this !!!'   stickied post, often.  Even if you are a Red Hat or SB (Shoot Boss).

Requirements to be a RWVA (Revolutionary War Veterans Association) instructor.

To become a Instructor In Training (IIT) you must have either:-

     a)   Attended Two weekend Appleseed events, achieve a Rifleman score of 210 or more and express the desire to become an RWVA Instructor.
     b)   Attended a Rifleman's Boot Camp, achieve a Rifleman score of 210 or more and express the desire to become an RWVA Instructor.
     c)   If a) or b) requirements have not been met, a wavier may be provided by a Master Instructor.

When you volunteer, you receive the Orange hat and become a IIT-0.

Age Limits

IIT - Orange Hats: Min. age 12 based on maturity.
Instructors - Red Hats: Min. age 16
Shoot Bosses - Green Hat: Min. age 21

Join the forum and get validated as a IIT.

First, join the forum if you haven't already.  You will need to join to communicate, as opposed to just reading, and get access to Instructor Level information.  Create a 'handle/name'  that you find interesting or suitable.  Many people choose Revolutionary War related names.  Please add at least FL or Florida in your profile for your location.  If you are listed as a newbie, then your Instructor access hasn't been processed yet.  This can take a few days.

Do you know who your Shoot Boss (SB)  was when you volunteered to instruct ?

If you are not sure, look here for the year 2010,  for 2011 and find the date and location and look at the name before the /SB.  PM them and also "marrandy" for information purposes.

Instructor In Training (IIT) Guide

For your records, fill out the following info and copy it to the SB who offered you the Orange Hat.

1. Appleseeds attended. (list two)

Location                             Date                        Shoot Boss

Location                             Date                        Shoot Boss

2. High AQT score

Location                             Date                        Verified by                     Score

3. IIT status offered, accepted and commitment explained by.

Location                             Date                        Shoot Boss

4. If #1 or #2 requirements have not been met, wavier provided by

Master Instructor                                                Date

The SB is responsible for forwarding your name, forum name, rifleman score and Orange Hat acceptance so that you be upgraded to  'Instructor In Training'.  NOTE:-  this may take several days.  If you are in a hurry to study or attend an event as an instructor, PM  "marrandy"  and I will also verify your status with the SB and send you relavent materials.

Volunteer for an event.

Next look at the 'Instructor Scheduling Page'.   Scan down the page to the relavent month and look for future FL dates.  Pick one and click on the name which is a link to information on the range and also there is a PDF flyer both of which you should print out.  NOTE:  You do NOT register via Event Brite as an instructor.
Only you can volunteer yourself for an event.  When the forum profile shows you as a IIT, PM   "instructor Scheduling",   "marrandy"   and the /SB if assigned, giving the date, location and your IIT level e.g. IIT-0.  In a day or so, you should receive a confirmation PM from   "instructor Scheduling"   and if you check   again, you should now be listed.

How to prepare and what to bring.

Read the Instructors Manual, several times.  Print out and study the PC (Progress Check).  Practice the commands and what is expected of you with someone else, if possible.  Starting out, this will be PC-1.  Contact the SB and inform them you are attending event date/location as IIT-0 and wish to take PC-1.  Take the printed PC-1 sheet with you and hand it to the SB.  The first Three PC's are not too difficult if you have a good memory and are a confident speaker.  Taking one for each event you attend is possible.  If you are not, it will likely take longer as large parts must be spoken verbatim aka word for word with no word substitutions or order changing.  ie. it is strict.  PC-4 is more difficult as you are required to read the Three Strikes and other stories. 

Bring what you brought with you as an attendee.  Additional items if you have or can afford.  The list is endless:-

a)   Clip board.
b)   Black felt tip/s.
c)   Pen, Black and Red.
d)   Tape measure/ruler.
e)   Extra .22LR rifles (LTR (Liberty/Loaner Target Rifles) - Marlin 795, 10/22 or .22LR upper fitted with scope or tech sights, USGI sling, swivels, 3 or more 10 round mags each.
f)   500 rounds per LTR rifle .22LR reliable ammo .
g)   Spare elbow pads.
h)   Spare shooters mat.
i)    Sight adjustment tools.
j)    Spare USGI slings.
k)   Final Instructor manual printed out - Three inch thick ring binder is good.  Also with dividers and page protectors
l)    Socket/wrench for tightening scope mounts.
m) Screwdriver set.
n)  Stapler and spare staples.
o)  Disposable earplugs.
p)  Your printed copy of the COF the Shoot Boss emailed you before the AS.
q)  Watch/stopwatch/kitchen timer.
r)   First Aid Kits: small for minor bumps, large for major injuries.
s)  Binoculars.
t)  FRS radios.
u) Sturdy box to contain everything except rifles.  I bought a $12 re-inforced one, Black with Yellow lid from Home Depot.
v) Various allen keys, especially small ones used on various sights.

After Action Reports (AAR's).

If you wish to post public comments on your experience on an event, click here   and look for your event by location and date.  NOTE:  it may take a few days for AAR to appear.

There is also an Internal AAR you will have access to when the forum shows you being an IIT.

Courtesy of ItsanSKS.

Read threads here to get an idea of what you will need to know.

Download and print the Instructors manual.

Read how to advance to full Instructor.

Read and remember these threads. This stuff can not be said any better than this. It is important to read AND understand these.;topicseen#msg97857