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New attendee information - Everyone should read this !!!

Started by marrandy, November 03, 2010, 08:46:53 PM

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Hello and welcome to Appleseed.  This is the Florida sub-forum and the direct link to it is


This is a work in progress, a living document, so if you find any errors, omissions or wish to suggest improvements, please PM me or send me an email to


Why Appleseed.

First, have you browsed each section on the main Appleseed website  The main web site has a lot of interesting information and should be your first port of call.

Paying particular attention to the parts about  History and Heritage, Marksmanship Clinic and Civic Involvement.

Your second port of call should be here.   The Appleseed Welcome Center.  Each of the sections is informative and well worth a browse.

It should be noted, that Appleseed, is a true non-profit in that no one is paid.  It is all volunteer.  Please keep this in mind.  As People donate their time, money and supplies to this project, their reward is pride in their contribution and the success they bring to the Project.  An occasional thanks goes a long way.

Participants are taught fundamental rifle marksmanship skills that are required to allow a Rifleman to be accurate out to 500 meters aka 547 yards, with iron sights, standard rifle, USGI sling and surplus ammo.  Don't think that is possible.  Try here

So you are tired of just talking on gun boards and forums.  You want to shoot well, meet like minded people and make a difference.  Maybe instruct after getting the Rifleman badge or just help out and promote shooting and Appleseed.  There is a place waiting for you here.  Climb onboard !!!

Age to shoot

Your child has to be responsible, be able to follow instruction and be disciplined.  If your child isn't, then you shouldn't bring them until they are.

Examples of young Appleseed attendees.

Leah Richardson (10 years old).  She shot a 232 in 2009 at Knob Creek, KY.
Pete shot a 224 at Canton, MS this March.  He was 10yrs, 3 mos.

Sign up to shoot.

Go here  and you will see a list of Florida events.  Pick a date and click on the information link which takes you to a web page of the event.  You should print this out as well as the PDF at the bottom of that page.  Also go to Google Maps.  Create a route from your house to the range, select print on the top right, check 'Large Map' located top center and print it out.  Go to the range web site and print out the contacts and their map if they have one then staple it all together.  There is nothing worse than being lost and not knowing who to contact for help. 
Going back to the events page using your back arrow, you can click on the registration link.  This takes you to the Event Brite page where you can register and pay for the event.  So go ahead and sign up.

NOTE:  2011 Attendee Fees:   2-day event - Men pay $70, Women pay $10, Kids pay $5, Active Military, Reserve, National Guard & Peace Officers/lLEO's are Free .  Range fees (typically $10-$20 per day and ammo are your other costs.

So now you are signed up, have the event information and location now what ?

What to bring.

Basically yourself with an open mind and a willingness to follow instruction. 

If you have any of the items listed below, that will be a bonus and make your experience more fullfilling and enjoyable.  Appleseed has been successfully completed by 7 year olds up to people in their 80's.  By people with no previous rifle experience and people with disabilities.  It is 2 days of 8 hours intensive teaching, often known as drinking from the fire hose.  Come as you are is the Appleseed motto, but if you have items already or can obtain them prior to the next Appleseed event, that is great and will minimize equipment and other issues.  We don't want you to be frustrated.

NOTE:  most instructors have .22LR LTR (Liberty Target Rifles) as loaners.  I have Three.  A Marlin 795 with Tech sights, a Marlin 795 scoped and a S&W M&P 15-22.  If you don't have a rifle, let us know so we have enough loaners.  a good basic source of information.

Florida is quite hot and humid - Bring plenty of fluids.  There are also bugs, so bug spray and anti-histamine ointment and pills plus you regular medications.

Appleseed says   'bring what you have'  as far as rifles are concerned.  The Appleseed shooting clinic is traditional rifle marksmenship using just a USGI sling, no mono/bipod or support.  Why teach this way ?  It covers all the basics, many, of which, are used in other shooting disciplines.  Look at it like having another arrow in your quiver or another tool in your toolbox.  The basics will apply to any rifle you pick up.  Iron sights and sling is as basic as it gets.

Rifle - Any, but a semi-auto that can hold 10 rounds will make it quicker to reload during the timed standing, sitting and prone events.  Many people bring a .22LR as the ammunition is inexpensive.  Google prices for 5.56/.223 and then .22LR for 500 rounds, and you will see what I mean.  You are advised NOT to bring a AR15 conversion kit.  They are inaccurate and more importantly, never seems to stand up to the Appleseed 500 round abuse.  You don't want to be frustrated with equipment issues.
Test fire your rifle with 100 rounds or so if possible to make sure its reliable and whilst you are at it, sight it in to 25 meters aka 82 feet.  Black 1 inch squares on plain paper works fine.  Check the attached file at the bottom of the page.

Sling. - Make sure you have the fittings to mount a USGI sling which you can buy from here   or google   USGI sling.   They are not expensive and are a great investment.  Your tactical sling won't work.  Prep your rifle with a USGI sling.
If you have a rail, google  'KZ QD Sling Attachment' for example.  Also   'KZ HD Push Button QD sling swivel'  you need 1 1/4" loops.
Google  Uncle Mike QD swivels, 1 1/4" or similar are available, with and without swivel screws for non-rail rifles.

Ammunition. - 500 rounds to be on the safe side for the 2-day event.  Bring the same ammo, if possible.  You don't want Point Of Impact (POI) changes by using different ammo types.  NOTE:  Remington 550 bonus pack .22LR Golden hollow points are notorious for FTF (Failure To Fire).  I strongly advise you don't bring them.

More info here on .22LR ammo.

After Action Reports (AAR's).

If you wish to post public comments on your experience on an event, click here   and look for your event by location and date.  NOTE:  it may take a few days for AAR to appear.


Florida Appleseed email newsletter.

Follow this link   to sign up for the Florida Appleseed email newsletter. No spam or other emails, just a once a month newsletter delivered by email. Your Appleseed stories and news submissions are greatly appreciated.


Florida attendees and instructors.

I am co-ordinating the creation of a listing all attendees and instructors so that we can keep in touch, obtain feedback of your experience, maybe a monthly email of upcoming events etc.

You can PM or email me ( the information listed below.
You may provide as little or as much information as you feel comfortable with.  A town/City or ZIP is fine, just so we know your rough location.

Please pass this on to any other Appleseed attendees that you are aware of.

Can you please provide your details in the following format.

Forum name   - 
Real Name   - 
Status - ie. SB, IIT-2 etc.   - 
Email   -
Phone   - 
Cell   - 
Address   - 



Florida map with range information and rough instructor locations.

Please PM me if you are an instructor and NOT listed.

========================================Credit itsanSKS

If I missed you on here or if you have a Riflemans score and are not sure how to get on this list please send me a pm and I can help you out.

The current roster of Active (the last 6-months) instructors for Florida follows - if there are changes/additions, please reply or PM me with the information.

To view the profile information of any instructor click on their name.

RC= Regional Co-Ordinator
SC= State Coordinator
SB = "Shoot Boss"

Shoot Boss

9mm4545   SB
DrJohn   SB   Welcome regular volunteer from Georgia
ItsanSKS   SC/SB
PHenry   RC/SB
ThaiFighter   SB  Moved to North Carolina
Willorith   SB   Temporarily out of action



AdobeWallsOfFLa   -   IIT-3
Bill o rites   -   IIT-3
Clinnon   -   IIT-3
Douglas34474   -   IIT-3
FLaywer   -   IIT-1
FLnativegal   -   IIT-0
Gcvaughn   -   IIT-2
Heimdahl   -   IIT-0
Jollynator   -   IIT-3
nukeofhazard   -   IIT-2
Marrandy   -   IIT-1
panhead   -   IIT-3
rambo granny   -   IIT-1
Reagansmom   -   IIT-2
Sgt. Joker   -   IIT-2
smoakingun   -   IIT-0
Sly233   -   IIT-4
Theri   -   IIT-3


Basic information for the various ranges that have held, or are scheduled to hold, an Appleseed at their location.

Hernando Sportsmens Club
Link to Event Information Page:
Range faces west, with a covered firing line.
Shooting surface: concrete
200m max distance.
50+ shooter max capacity

Manatee Gun and Archery Club
Link to Event Information Page:
Events held on "Area 51" range
Range faces west, with a covered firing line.
Shooting surface: concrete
100m max distance
40+ shooter max capacity

Pops Gun Club
Link to Event Information Page:
Range faces west, with covered firing line.
Shooting surface: concrete
100m max distance
25 shooter max capacity

Gainesville Target Range
Link to Event Information Page:
Range faces east, no cover
Shooting surface: grass
25m max distance
25 shooter max capacity

Bradford Sporstmens Farm
Link to Event Information Page:
Range faces North, no cover
Shooting surface: dirt
850yds max distance
20 shooter max capacity

Ancient City Shooting Range
Link to Event Information Page:
Range faces South, no cover
Shooting surface: grass
100yd max distance
50+ shooter max capacity

Escambia River Muzzle Loaders Club
Link to Event Information Page:
Range faces North, no cover
Shooting surface: dirt/clay
100yd max distance
50 shooter max capacity


Florida State Coordinator.

Eric "ItsanSKS" McCabe
Shoot Boss (Green Hat)
Phone: (813)385-3968 (mon-fri 4pm-9pm)
Email is best, phone will work in a pinch.