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Inspirational posts !

Started by marrandy, November 02, 2010, 10:54:15 AM

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This locked thread will contain a list of what I think, are inspirational and interesting posts highlighting the spirit and espris de corp of Appleseed volunteers and other related shooting and liberty related articles.

You may PM me any links you consider worthy for inclusion.


1,000 yards, iron sights, M1A


World War I rifle marksmenship.

PDF page 11 of 76.  Actual page on the bottom right of the document, page 6.

"Marksmanship training for the Infantry during this period consisted of short, mid, and long-range marksmanship respectively, defined as 0-500 yards, 500-800 yards and 800-1,200 yards.  This annual training was conducted over a two-month period and consisted of practice and record fire to a distance of 600 yards.  Soldiers ranked as sharpshooter or expert in their qualification then proceeded to fire the long-range course consisting of targets from 800 yards to 1,200 yards"


Jerry Teo shooting a .223/5.56 out to 1 mile ie. 1,760 yards.

This is a .223 bolt action rifle he built himself for this project.

Shooting A 223 Rifle To A Mile Accurately, Jerry Teo   -   "Then I got my doping dialed in and placed 5 consecutive hits on that rock. Time 2:32, 2:47, 3:02, 3:18 and 3:32. All shots are mid rock to right of center.

The rock is 12" wide and 8" high as we see it! (I did measure the rock beforehand)

6 out of 7 rds well inside a sub MOA rock at "1 mile". I'll take that...."


Although this one isn't directly related to Appleseed or shooting, its great to now that every now and then, people can  'get it'  and change.   Sophie B. Hawkins discusses her journey from progressive New York artist to her own unique brand of service-oriented libertarianism!


A great site - revolutionary war archives   -