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1" Square target template
« on: October 15, 2010, 04:09:59 PM »
I kinda doubt I'm the FIRST one to have thought of this, but didn't notice it posted anywhere so thought I'd go ahead and mention it.

Fred provides some GREAT targets with The Guide, and reminds us that they work better if we make photocopies of them before blowing them full of holes.  :---

But, what if you've got a hankering to practice and you're out of copies, and the nearest copy machine's a half hour drive away?  (Of course you're not gonna grouse about that last part if you're like me - hopefully that means you're far enough out in the sticks to be able to shoot on private land!)

I dutifully measured 1" squares on light paper or cardboard and inked or Sharpie'd them in for a bit, then it hit me that there must be an easier way:  A target "stencil" where the measuring bit is already taken care of!

I took the latest newsletter from the electric co-op and measured 5 1" squares.  The pix may show where I started to tear it in two before I realized that I could get twice the template for half the effort if I left it as is and cut through both pieces as I went.  The result:

The holes at the fold are a bit too close together (especially if you're still on the path to first becoming a Rifleman, like me!), but no big deal for my needs.

I took the box (that my Grass Roots North Carolina voter guides arrived in yesterday, as I agreed to distribute some to local merchants today, incidentally  O0  ) and used it for my first specimen.  Rifle used was my 10/22 LTR from Doug Cowan here.

And to keep myself honest, here's the results:

All were from prone, except the lower of the two "middle" targets (next to my "NPOA fail").  That one was sitting.

My worst three offenders are obviously the lower middle target.  I know that if one gets their NPOA and follows the Six Steps, you can EASILY fire a 1" group with your eyes closed.  Obviously I screwed something up in the process...  :wall:

The upper and leftmost target has only two holes...comparing the sizes of the other holes (entrance AND exit), I want to say that I managed to practically get two in the same one.  I certainly don't recall screwing up a shot that bad!