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IIT's a learning opportunity awaits
« on: October 14, 2010, 01:14:03 PM »
Please see the message below and PM me if you are interested

A Special Message from Fred:

    This is going out primarily to SCs and RCs.

    I am planning to hold a series of six "Advanced IBCs" over the course of the next 12 months.

    They will be called "An Advanced Instructor Boot Camp with Fred", and will be restricted to IIT3 and above.

     Equivalent to a post-graduate training seminar, these IBCs will cover all the issues, instructor-wise, history-telling-wise, and admin-wise which have arisen in the past year or so in the program.

     They are designed to bring active program instructors "up to snuff" and ensure they are on the cutting-edge of the program, in terms of training.

     There will be little or no duplication with the regular IBCs hosted around the country, in terms of the material covered - although some similar subject areas will be covered, except at a post-grad level.

      The "Advanced IBC with Fred" can be co-scheduled with a regular IBC, since the two sets of students will be entirely different. Or they can be independently scheduled.

      There will be no charge associated with "Fred" IBCs.

      I am sending this because I cannot get to each of the states which are currently in the AS program, not with only six of these in the next 12 months. (I may be able to add a few more if there's enough demand.) I hope some of you SCs will seize an opportunity to get some cutting-edge education and training for your instructor corps and set up a date in your state for doing one. Right now, you can pick any month, but since I only can do one a month, as a month gets picked, it gets scratched from the sched for everyone else. I'll figure a way to let you keep posted on which months get taken.

     All I ask of you is that, if you schedule one of these, you make an effort to get the word out to your IC and neighboring states so we can get as many as possible there.

     I will do my best to leave your ITs more educated about the program, more effective as "tellers of the history", and more motivated as Appleseeders. Whew! Sounds like a lot of work!

     If you can fit one of these in your state's schedule, PM me with the date ASAP.


      I hope you have been encouraged by recent developments in the program. I know I have been. We need to always keep pushing, to keep things moving, and the program growing - so think Winterseed - and April 19th is right around the corner. The time to start setting up 4/19 dates is right now.


    Fred the Helpful
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