Author Topic: How'd we all get here in the first place?  (Read 464 times)

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How'd we all get here in the first place?
« on: October 11, 2010, 05:13:06 PM »
I was over at the WI state board and saw a post that caught my eye and frankly warmed my heart a bit. DragonFly has posted an "I was an American Doofus" section asking for others to relate how they found Appleseeds and why they joined.;topicseen

It's a great chance for all of us to recall why we are here and help us focus on our common goal - to save our country by passing on our unique American heritage before it is lost to time. Below is what I posted. Please join me in relating your own experiences in finding Appleseeds.   O0

Confessions of a reformed iceberg counter.

I read all the books and I could see all the icebergs that were in America's path. It all began when a certain Congress was considering banning a certain class of rifles. Made me concerned. I had always wanted to get into shooting, but had not got round to it. I figured I'd best get going, as it looked like time was running out for that tradition. I asked around and found a "gun nut", who taught me what to buy and so I set about acquiring some "power tools" of my own.

In the process, I began buying SGNs from a local news stand for cash (not getting my name on any lists right?). I came across Fred's articles. They were right in line with my own thinking at the time (we have both since been healed by Appleseeds) and I was intrigued at the idear of attending a RBC. But, they were only in NC then and I couldn't take a week and a half off, so I just kept counting icebergs and buying tools.

Then one day, I open SGN and see that an event is scheduled for Davenport, FL (Jan of 2007 as I recall) - about 2 hours from me. The time for excuses had passed. I gathered up three buddies and packed up my travel trailer. I brung three rifles and near every accessory I owned (all of which were found to be useless, save an old Vietnam era "silent sling). I learned more about shooting in two days than I had in years of practicing on my own, because practice does NOT make perfect - only perfect practice makes perfect. I can still recall the frustration I experienced at how poorly I was shooting from position (I was pretty good from a bench rest!).  :wb:

At lunch first day, I dumped an M4 in favor of an AR10 with an Eotech and did a little better, but still not 210. JuniorBirdman was my instructor and he had us run a rapid fire AQT (not done any longer for safety reasons, as it involved trans with a loaded rifle). I was so annoyed that I shot 216, but could not repeat the deed on Sunday.

Fred told the history and he got a little choked up in the process. That was what really caught my attention. I mean JB was truly excellent at instructing and I leanrt a lot, but seeing a growed man get teary talking about a war that ended two centuries ago - that made an impression. I was hoooked.

A second event came to Myakka City (Feb 2008 according to my pictures) and this time, the SB was a woman. She was sharp-eyed and very focused. I brung one buddy with me (all I could drag there) and we arrived early and asked if we could be of any help (silly question). Well, DragonWood put us straight to work on parking lot patrol and on Sunday (after I had once agin scored Rifleman by skin of my teeth) asked me if I would consider instructing. I ate the red pill and never looked back.

Then the mentors lined up to bring me along - Atticus, Fred, DW, DonD, HawkHavn, TC, and the list is still growing. Before long Fred and FunFaler were hammering me to get venues and promote events. Atticus petitioned Fred for a red hat for me (was done by the "nod" system in them days), and Fred relented. Atticus handed me my red hat at the NRA Whittington Center in NM, at the first event there. TaosGlock and BlueFeather were attendees! I still wear that same hat - it's more of a "dusty rose" color now. Smiley

I was now the entire Florida chapter and FF was dogging me even harder. I suckered, er I mean, invited ItsanSKS to take over SC duties so I could focus on staffing. He took the red pill too. We eventually added a promo boss - caseyblane and recently an admin man - marrandy.

Florida will hold something like 35 events this year and we now have a great team. The mentoring continues and what was taught to me, is now taught by people I have yet to meet, to others. I knew we were on our way, when I saw the first promotion I had absolutely nothing to do with.  ^:)^ ^:)^
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