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Gunnison Shoot
« on: October 03, 2010, 11:39:57 PM »
This is just a big thanks to all those who participated in the Gunnison shoot.  This was my first appleseed shoot.  My girlfriend came up with the idea to go as she had been to a shoot the year before.  The event was well organized with a great fluid progression.  A huge thanks goes out the the volunteer instructors who gave much of their time, finances, and even their property to allow this event to happen.  Cowboy and Janet were great hosts and instructors on their home range.  Sure was great to see cowboy hit out to 300+ yards with the M1 open sights...  alan from boulder was incredible with on the line instruction and decreased my grouping simply with his background chants.  Thanks to Ben for being a big part of the first day of the event with his coaching and demonstrating.  And finally Al Smith; A great man with a great heart putting forth so much time to oversee such a large event.  His ability to instruct and age  group from 4 to 50 is amazing. 

The history of the revolution was presented in a collection of amazing short stories which the instructors told to participants in great, exciting detail.  After the first days session I was so intrigued that I got on the net at night to read more into the history.

Long story short I cant wait for the next shoot.  thanks to all who helped the cause!