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Help! A great range, good date 11-12 September 2010

Started by Earl, September 04, 2010, 02:49:28 PM

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 :sos: :sos: Thirty-seven of forty slots on pre-registeration, and only two instructors signed up at this time.  &) Two more scheduled shoots at this range this year, this one has to be really right to help the growth of RWVA and Appleseed in Oregon. Thank you for your attention. 8)
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The silence is deafening.  :'( Reminds me of similar posts on the Florida page.  :wb:

My SO's birthday is the 11th, so I'd best stick close to home, but I sure would like to see Oregon again some day.

Good luck sir,
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My flight has been booked for Waterman already.

Sorry Earl.
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I am allready on for Castle Rock  ,and the 12 is my the Anniversary for my Wife and I ,  pm inbound.

Got Tired of looking for a Rifle Range So we Dug one up!
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Pa Rah

Earl, I would really like to come and help but I'm already signed up to for the Three Forks RBC that weekend.
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