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People do react from hearing our founders ideas

Started by B9, August 05, 2010, 06:45:20 PM

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"In April, a Broome County judge ruled fire inspectors needed a warrant to enter ANC Heating & Plumbing in Endicott after owner Lloyd A. Knecht denied access in February 2008. Knecht claimed it violated his Fourth Amendment right against an illegal search."

"Knecht denied access to his property after watching the cable TV miniseries "John Adams.""
"It's very hard to engineer another countries liberation...people have to liberate themselves. Unfortunately in history, many people get killed..."
Medea Benjamin


I guessing the show was his inspiration, rather than his defense.... :(
"Well judge, I saw it on the tv..."  ???

Anything that exposes your mind to thought, will have an effect.
Effects often produce a reaction.

On occasion we may be disposed to feel that our message has fallen upon infertile ground.
However, do not despair as every seed has a chance to grow.
Even on solid rock, a light shower may wash the seed to a crevice where it may take root.
Let's just hope the seeds we plant aren't the type that require fire to germinate... ::)

Let's keep it going!

"We intend to produce men who are able to light a fire for Liberty in men's minds, and make them the finest rifle marksmanship Instructors on the planet." - Son of Martha

"Tyrants rise and fall, but tyranny lasts forever." -Me

[What kind of megalomaniac quotes himself?]

Strawberry Roan

"Let's just hope the seeds we plant aren't the type that require fire to germinate... "

I hear that!!!!!!!! :)