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S.A.R. Marker
« on: August 05, 2010, 04:26:04 AM »
As a Son of the American Revolution, I beg a little more of your time today. Witness this marker.
The eight points of the cross, only three of which remain in the picture below, represent:
   1. To have spiritual contentment
   2. To live without malice
   3. To weep over your sins
   4. To humble yourself at insults
   5. To love justice
   6. To be merciful
   7. To be sincere and open-hearted
   8. To suffer persecution

"the Enimy Brought almost their whole force against us, together with 8 Peices of Artillery. But we who had Something more at stake than six Pence P per day kept our ground til Night, Closed the scene, & then Both Parties Retire'd."
"it was a Debt that they & Every one owe their Country."