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North Carolina Shoot Boss List
« on: June 04, 2010, 08:08:16 AM »
As y'all know, there has been much controversy and uncertainty about the qualification guidelines recently released by the WL3 Staffing Committee.  These guidelines are as follows:

Effective at midnight May 27, 2010:

1. The forum title/level of "Shoot Boss" is given new meaning:  Only someone with the forum title/level of "Shoot Boss" is able to sign up with Instructor Scheduling to serve as a Shoot Boss.

     1A. Any instructors who are Red Hats prior to May 1, 2010 and have served as a Shoot Boss up to standards many times in the past may be given a waiver by a MI or SI who will vouch for their abilities and grant them the Shoot Boss title.  Those requesting the waiver must send a PM directly to Fred before midnight June 27, 2010.  Fred will forward your request and confir with your Regional MI/SI.  All other Red Hats will advance to SB under the SBIT guidelines specified below.

2. A Red Hat may achieve the Shoot Boss level by participating in a Shoot Boss In Training (SBIT) program consisting of:

      a. The SBIT will be invited to shadow a Master Instructor (MI), Senior Instructor (SI), or experienced Shoot Boss (SB) designated by a MI or SI at a minimum of two Appleseed events.  Depending on the practices of the MI, SI, or SB, the SBIT will perform the duties of a Shoot Boss.

      b. The SBIT will also participate in an Admin Meeting with an MI, SI, or experienced SB designated by a MI or SI to review forms, policies, guidelines, and the Shoot Boss Manual. This Admin Meeting can and will likely take place at an Appleseed, either an evening prior to, or following.

      c. The SBIT will then run an Appleseed event from beginning to end under the helpful/watchful eye of a MI, SI, or experienced SB designated by a MI or SI. This will generally be "hands off" by the helpful/watchful MI/SI/SB, except as further minor mentoring to "polish" the new SB may be required.

      d. The SBIT may then be recommended, or not, for the forum title of Shoot Boss. If an SBIT needs extra 'time in grade' as an SBIT, he'll be allowed extra time. In the unlikely event the SBIT candidate "cannot handle" the SB job, he's welcome to continue in the program without any 'fallout' as a Red Hat.

3. A Red Hat who does not have the forum title of Shoot Boss may still act as a Shoot Boss where no SB is available, and where a shoot would otherwise be canceled.  Approval would be required by a MI, SI, or experienced SB designated by a MI or SI.  The RH may then complete the SBIT program outlined above to earn his Shoot Boss rank. [This procedure will be reserved to small AS with an expected turnout of under 20 students.]

4. Because Shoot Boss skills are perishable, it is recommended that all Shoot Bosses strive to:
      a. Serve as SB at five events in a calendar year.
      b. Serve as an Instructor or SB at a minimum of three other events, one of which must be an IBC or RBC.
      c. As per current Instructor Guidelines, an Instructor must not remain inactive for more than eight months.

Currently, only 7.62 BBQ is qualified to act as an SB mentor and shadow prospective SB's in order to help them qualify for the position.  However, txpirate, bulkhead, len1459 and I have SB experience as Red Hats and are listed as probational SB's for the time being.  That means that we can cover events as SB's pending our required Admin Day, which is scheduled for the July 4th weekend.  After that, an MI (Fred or VAshooter, most likely) will assess our competence and make the decision whether we should be permanently advanced to the SB rank.  At that point, the four of us will also be added to the list of fully qualified SB's.

To review:  Only a fully-qualified (Green Hat) Shoot Boss can mentor a new SB, have the SBIT shadow him and then shadow the SBIT and then declare fitness to serve as SB without any assistance. New venues should always be run under one with this qualification.

As one other point of information: any SBIT from out of state will be trained and promoted in consultation with the SBIT's home State Coordinator as a matter of courtesy.

A list of SBIT shadow requirements is in the works and the new SB Library will be up soon as well. For now, please direct any questions to me.
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