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AAR May 8/9 Instructor's South Florida KD
« on: May 10, 2010, 02:27:47 AM »
A wonderful weekend advancing the Appleseed mission in Fort Myers, Florida.

Have you ever seen a Model 94 Winchester in the venerable old caliber .30 WCF also known as the Thuddy Thuddy (.30-30) dropping into 4MOA at 500 yards with iron sights? The Florida Instructors did this weekend. 

The core of The Florida Instructor Corps spent the weekend proving out the concept underlying Appleseed instruction - what works at 25 yards works at 500 yards.

Saturday morning started with Phenry laying out the fundamentals of known distance shooting. Then came a lunch of ribs and the best coleslaw that exists on Earth. Every one ate much coleslaw. This helped keep the line fumigated for the weekend.

We  started at 25 yards to zero and shoot a QD AQT. We moved back to 100 yards and again zeroed on 4MOA squares. After a few groups finding zero, Army "D" targets were stapled up and the first stage of the full distance AQT was fired. That concluded day 1 at 7:45 in the evening. Supper consisted of more coleslaw and the ribs left over from lunch. Man Oh Man that redneck can sure cook!

Sunday started with Phenry cooking a mess of henfruit extruded by Double life's wild chickens.  Our host provided delicious grilled sausage to compliment the eggs. Then, off to the range. It is a long pull to the end of a 600 yard range. First order of business - move the line back to 200 yards.

At each step back from the target line, Mr. Henry had us instructors (5 Red Hats and 4 Orange Hats, if memory serves) shoot to zero on 4 MOA squares. From zeroing at each distance were able to develop a table of actual comeups for our rifle. After zeroing on the squares, we shot the "D" target for score, then moved the firing line back another 100 yards.

Lunch time rolled around and the instructors in attendance were treated to grilled strip steaks and a baked potato with a spectacular salad on the side. Dessert of home made brownies was provided by Mrs Cleaver.

We wound up the afternoon at 600 yards. The old Thuddy Thuddy didn't get on paper at 600 after firing a 4MOA group at 500. Between 500 and 600 yards the bullet is getting into transition to subsonic and destabilizes. You can find this excuse on page 43 of the Appleseed book of excuses. Wait! - there ain't no dadgum Appleseed book of excuses.

The weekend of camaraderie, learning, and shooting wrapped up at about 6:30 Sunday afternoon.

A drive home of up to 3 hours awaited the instructors at this event. Most were anxious to get on the road.

6 hours on the road, and 20+ hours of instruction and shooting, a little bit more force against the rudder of this old ship to turn us away from the ice bergs. She is beginning to respond to the helm. The bow is beginning to swing. Success can be smelled on the fresh breezes blowing over her decks. We must work all the harder to keep her off the rocks.

I am now better equipped to teach at Appleseed events, I have increased the level of professionalism in my presentation of rifle marksmanship. The best riflery instruction program in the world was improved this weekend.
I feel good about what I did this weekend - do you?

Talk to your state coordinator and senior instructors about KD events for instructors in your state.     
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Re: AAR May 8/9 Instructor's South Florida KD
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2010, 10:04:36 AM »
A spectacular weekend in South Florida.

Willorith got kissed on the eyebrow by Queen Latifah. That Quigley style tang sight has some sharp corners.

One of my cousins showed up Sunday afternoon. I think he may not appreciate firearms, he left in a hurry.

Thaifighter Wiley turned in some 1MOA groups at 400 yards with iron sights.

We missed RickB. Thought he might grace us with the .458 Winchester.

The food was delicious. I caught a few succulent mice for my supper and curled up under the truck for the night.

The instructors in FL have shown that the foundation of 25 yard instruction is valid out beyond 500 yards.

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Re: AAR May 8/9 Instructor's South Florida KD
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2010, 11:19:31 AM »
What a great weekend, indeed!

I was only able to make it for Sunday, but was quickly brought up to speed by PHenry. 

Shooting began early, and continued on through the hottest part of the day.  South Florida at this time of year is only just beginning to warm up, and I can already tell that we are going to have to be on our toes for our events that are scheduled for the depths of summer. 

This is the second time I participated in a KD Clinic, and I've got to say it is the most fun I've had since starting Appleseed.   Shooting at 25m is great, and shooting at 100-300 is fun, but making hits on a man-sized target at 400, 500, and 600 yards, is a wonderful experience. 

I was able to prove and record my zeros and come-ups for the Romanian PSL, and it showed great promise out to 500 yards, holding a steady 4moa accuracy throughout.  Unfortunately, combine the surplus nature of the ammunition I was using, with the inherent inaccuracy that I brought to the rifle, and hits at 600 were less than stellar, though I did get 6/10 on target. 

I think next time I do this, whether at a KD Clinic, or on my own, I will utilize the iron sights on this rifle, just to see what I can do with them.   I've already proven that the 4x24 Romanian Tip2 scope works extremely well, and I'm curious to see if my groups improve, or worsen, with the irons. 

Many thanks goes out to Mr. Maxie, as without his generous contribution, this weekends' event would not have been possible.  His considerable culinary skills were put to the test for lunch both days, and from my experience on Sunday, his reputation is well intact. 
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Re: AAR May 8/9 Instructor's South Florida KD
« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2010, 08:45:45 PM »
Indeed, great fun, great food, great shooting.   Not a person on the line what didn't learn something about themselves and their rifles.   I still impressed that Echodog got the high score at 600 with a 16" AR Carbine!  That's nuts!!!  :cool2:

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Re: AAR May 8/9 Instructor's South Florida KD
« Reply #4 on: May 11, 2010, 10:00:23 PM »
What a great weekend! I went to Appleseed to learn rifle marksmanship,and after my first event I learned I didnt know anything. One year later, five Appleseeds to get my riflemans badge,and I put 10 in 4 moa at 600 yds with a 16 inch m4 carbine ,tell me this program dosent work! There was not a man or woman on that line I would stand in front of at any range. Thanks to PHenry for the outstanding instruction ,Glenn Maxie for the hospitality,and all the new friends my wife (Libertys Daughter) and I made .I cant say enough about a great bunch of guys,and outstanding marksmen. My next goal is to shoot as well as Thaifighter :bow: O0. Again, thanks to everyone, Echodog.

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Re: AAR May 8/9 Instructor's South Florida KD
« Reply #5 on: May 12, 2010, 07:26:24 AM »
What a great job of improving the skills/knowledge of the instructors down there.

I sincerely hope other states are inspired by this thread to begin similar programs in their states.

Thanks to PHenry and all the folks that attended and sweated to improve themselves as Americans and RWVA instructors.