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Attention North Carolina instructors
« on: March 25, 2010, 02:48:36 PM »
Alright NC crew, the time is on us to get our Patriots' Day shoots planned out. This is an all-hands-on-deck day, nationally, meaning every instructor nationwide should be at a shoot. As of right now, we are going to have 3 shoots in NC:

Ramseur: 7.62BBQ - Shoot Boss
Yanceyville: bulkhead - Shoot Boss
Fayetteville: Stimey - Shoot Boss  (It's not on the "official" schedule yet, but it will be, so we need to plan for it)

Take this with a grain of salt, as I am not calling anybody out personally, I'm just trying to get our shoots staffed appropriately.

Right now there are 8 instructors signed up for Ramseur. The enthusiasm for the home range is great, especially since we have a TV crew coming out to film it. (As Stimey mentioned, they are very interested in talking to our youngest Instructors). But, we've got to cover other shoots as well. Eight is more than enough here.

Bulkhead is the only one scheduled for Yanceyville. We need at least two more instructors there. The accomodations there are first-class and the owner takes incredible care of Appleseed. "Yanceyville is the place to be!"  Steves4570, will you be able to be there? If there are any Triad area instructors still active, I encourage you to take the short trip up to Yanceyville. I know it's a drive, but some of the Charlotte area instructors might should consider coming up to Yanceyville, too. (Carpooling is always a good option, and the accomodations are great)

Although it is not on the schedule, yet, we need to plan to get some instructors to the Fayetteville location. Truth be told, this range is north of Fayetteville a good ways, which makes it pretty close to Raleigh. We probably need 3-4 instructors at this shoot. This will be our first Appleseed at this range, and short-staffing it would reflect poorly on the program. P-shooter, Len1459, and any other Raleigh area instructors might should consider coming to Fayetteville.

To Western NC: I'm going on a "border-raid" to Maynardville TN. (N of Knoxville) If anyone wants to join me, I am the SB and only instructor signed up for the event, so help would be appreciated...

If you can't tell, our program is exploding in NC. Always accompanying growth, there is more work than ever to do. It's is getting to the point that lounging during the "other 28 days a month" (the days you aren't at an Appleseed) should be unheard of. Put a shoulder to the wheel.