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North Carolina is BOOMING! Everybody come a'runnin'!
« on: March 25, 2010, 04:11:52 AM »
A number of weeks ago, I sent a personal message to all the North Carolina Appleseeders that I was currently aware of which was entitled, "Stimey's Traveling Appleseed Road Show".  For those of you who are familiar with my body of work on the North Carolina Forum Board, you may be surprised at my relative silence since that time.  I'm going to try to explain my recent activities now in the hopes that I will inspire you all to follow up on some of the successes and contacts I've experienced this month.  So much has happened that I am forced to briefly present these events rather than devote the time and effort to explain them fully, although I will do so in individual follow-up postings as these successes materialize.

In short, we are BOOMING.  North Carolina Appleseed is experiencing a level of growth that is absolutely unprecedented, and The Fred and I are scrambling just to keep up with the opportunities we are presented with.  Each of us has the opportunity and responsibility of charging ahead to propagate this wave of activity.  This wave will require us all to make effective and efficient use of all of our resources during the 28 or so days between Appleseed events to maximize the impact these events can have on our fellow Citizens.  So, let's get started.

After sending out a series of emails introducing Appleseed to fifteen(!) state range facilities (to which I received no replies, by the way), I traveled to Range 37 in Bunnlevel, NC, to meet with the proprietor and staff and introduce myself in person.  Long story short, they said they had been expecting me, and wondered when we would like to begin hosting Appleseeds at their range.  And, would one event per month be possible?  I am awaiting the return of their host application packet, which should be in my possession this week.  First event will be on April 17-18, 2010.  This is a big win, folks!

Txpirate, neilr, Karl2500, and I assisted DwayneH with the Gaston, SC, Appleseed.  Txpirate and I worked the two firing lines as Line Bosses with DwayneH as SB.  DwayneH was a wonderful host, as was the Mid-Carolina Gun Club.  In attendance were Larry and Karen, the owners of Tech-Sights, and both earned the Rifleman patch using their superior product.  We offered them our most sincere congratulations and gratitude for their support of our program.

I first took a trip out to the Charlotte Rifle and Pistol Club to view their facilities and make initial inquiries as to the possibility of having them host an Appleseed event.  This is a work in progress which needs local support.  Neilr has offered to help with this effort, and I would encourage all Charlotte area Appleseeders to assist him with this, as well as inform me as to any other local facilities that might be willing to host our events.
I next had a meeting in Charlotte, NC, with members of the Campaign for Liberty in Mecklenburg County to discuss the upcoming 1st Annual Appleseed Barbecue.  I will be the keynote speaker for the event, and have been asked to introduce Appleseed to CFL, as well as provide the Three Strikes and a short demonstration of our shooting curriculum.  Any Appleseeders are invited to attend, with the request that they RSVP HEAVY-CAV as soon as possible.  The event is free, but donations will be accepted, and we will be signing up anyone who wishes to attend an Appleseed event on site.

I first took a trip out to the Durham Rifle and Pistol Club to view their facilities and make initial inquiries as to the possibility of having them host an Appleseed event.  This is another work in progress, and DadOf4 has offered to look into this.  Again, any Appleseeders in the Raleigh-Durham area who could help with this would be very welcome indeed.  I've sent the intro email to Sir Walter Raleigh and a couple of other local clubs, so let's keep this up.
I next went to 7.62BBQ's restaurant, Danny's BBQ in Morrisville, for an Instructor meeting.  I informed them of the Range 37 agreement, and stressed two items for consideration.  First, I am going to take an advisory role in all things related to Instructor Development and standardization of IIT progression.  This is in an effort to make possible the greater flexibility of our Instructor Cadre, which will be crucial as we add more locations around the state.  Second, we are going to promote this by requesting that each Instructor work an event under each of the four NC Shoot Bosses, which are 7.62BBQ, me, txpirate, and bulkhead.  This will foster an appreciation for the various methods that each SB employs in his execution of the standard Appleseed Course of Instruction.

MARCH 13-14
I attended the IBC in Yanceyville as an Instructor under VAShooter.  Also in attendance was jmdavis and txpirate.  Our class consisted of West, Karl2500, steves4570, prepguy and skyspy.  Each student acquitted himself very well and advanced himself toward the goal of becoming a Red Hat.
Also in attendance in Yanceyville was a Raleigh-area Boy Scout Troop.  They were very interested in our program, so txpirate provided them with our full safety brief, offhand position SHF's, and Six Steps.  Later, I provided them the opportunity to watch me shoot an AQT, which seemed to impress them.  Lastly, they requested that we present the Three Strikes, which we did gladly and with gusto.  Txpirate told the first, jmdavis the second, and I told the third.  They were interested in attending a future Appleseed, although not as a BSA-sanctioned event, and we welcome them.

The Fred contacted me with great news!  We have been invited to host an Appleseed event in Wilmington!  This event will be held in late August.  Details to follow, but I would like to congratulate our new IIT, resonant1, on facilitating this event and coming back to Appleseed after an extended absence.

CATT shot Rifleman at the Yanceyville Appleseed last weekend and agreed to take on the Orange Hat.  Other recent additions to the IIT ranks include Lawrence and kd_deadeye.  Congratulations to all!
I also followed up with a previous contact I made in the US Navy Sea Cadet program on the possibility of providing our curriculum to their members.  This could be a gold mine, as there are several NC Chapters of both the Sea Cadets and the Civil Air Patrol, which I will contact as soon as I can to offer them an invitation to our program.  Of course, I would be very grateful if someone could help me out on this one!

I was contacted by UNC-TV Technical Editor (and previous Appleseed Alumnus) mrerick, who asked if they could send out a crew to cover an Appleseed event, which of course I accepted.  This was followed up in another call with the news anchor that will be covering the event.  We have tentatively scheduled their visit to the April 17-18 event at Ramseur.  Who's willing to go on camera to share their thoughts on Appleseed?  By the way, they have specifically asked to speak with Law Man and The Kid.  I also suspect that they will be interested in speaking with kd_deadeye, who is our first female Appleseed Instructor.  Anyone, Anyone?

We have been contacted by an ROTC unit which has expressed interest in our marksmanship course of instruction.  This is another possible gold mine in terms of growth, and we are in negotiations to consider how this might be possible.  Again, details to follow.

I will be meeting in Research Triangle Park with the UNC-TV folks tomorrow (March 25) to work out some details about the coverage of our program.  I will be available later in the evening if someone wants to meet with me, and of course I will be available on my mobile phone at (361)443-5919, as always.

I will be between Kernersville and Huntersville on Friday, March 26, to help txpirate move to the Huntersville area.  Given his change of location and my geographical problems in reaching western NC (since I live on the coast, in Moyock), I have asked him to serve as the Deputy State Coordinator for Western North Carolina.  It will be his responsibility to expand Appleseed into the western part of the state and coordinate with our neighbors in eastern Tennessee and South Carolina.  As we grow, I plan on promoting another Instructor or IIT to be the Deputy State Coordinator for the Piedmont Region.  The Fred and I are seeking volunteers for this position.  I will retain responsibility for the state as a whole, and it is my intention that we create a structure in North Carolina that frees The Fred to pursue Appleseed on a National scale, as well as provide our neighboring states with Instructor assistance whenever we ask.

One more thing:  We have been contacted about establishing a DAR in the Whiteville area, west of Wilmington.  Remember, DARs will be essential to our expansion in the years to come, so keep on the lookout for these at all times.

Let's get to work, folks.  Let me know soonest where you think you can spend your time effectively between Appleseeds to expand the program.

Last thing:  How many people are on your "Low-Tech Way to Promote Appleseed List"?


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Re: North Carolina is BOOMING! Everybody come a'runnin'!
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Re: North Carolina is BOOMING! Everybody come a'runnin'!
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Hey Stimey,

Great Work!!

Heck, you make me tired just reading all the stuff.
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