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GA Rifleman.

Started by Appalacious, March 16, 2010, 07:38:05 PM

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Hey everyone, I'm out of Augusta. This weekend was my first appleseed and I shot a 210 (squeaked by!) under Morpheus in Martin, GA.


Known Distance Qualified: Talladega, AL 12-3-16 - 45/50; Distinguished 49/50 - Talladega, AL 12-8-19
Instructor Boot Camp: Toccoa, GA 7-13, 8-15; Pelham, TN 2-14, 2-16; Columbiana, AL 2-15; Canton, GA 2-18, 1-19, 2-20, 2-21, 3-22, 2-23, 1-24
Shoot Boss Boot Camp and Liberty Seminar: Toccoa, GA 8-14 & Canton, GA 1-19

Pistol Instructor Boot Camp: South Huntsville, AL 5-20; Canton, GA 1-21, 2-24
Pistol Qualified: Spencer, TN 4-10-21
Charter Pistol Instructor Boot Camp: Antioch, TN 2-22 & Canton, GA 1-23


Thank you! I just want to thank my orange, red and green hats for the insanely good instruction they gave me. Wiley in particular helped me out immensely. I look forward to breaking out my AR15 to qualify rifleman again in KD soon.


Known distance in Talladega twice, once in Blueridge, and at my first Appleseed in Dublin.
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