Author Topic: Toccoa Appleseed June 28th and 29th  (Read 1168 times)

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Toccoa Appleseed June 28th and 29th
« on: July 02, 2008, 01:29:50 PM »
I'm back from another successful Appleseed in Taccoa, GA. We all missed not having SOM on the line but we managed to get by while he was gone.

The group of shooters was small but enthusiastic and all worked hard to become better shooters. As Shoot Boss I had an easy job with one experienced IIT, Dinki Dao, and two brand new IIT's the husband and wife team of Boltgun71 and Armywife. I started off calling the line but the IITs' jumped right in and took over, running the line, acting as line officers, and coaching the shooters. I spent most of my time pointing out shooters errors to the IIT's and they handled them.

Flathead had everything set up when I got there and he was wise enough to put the firing line under the covered area so the shooters were in the shade. We had a little breeze so it was very comfortable (for Georgia) on the firing line. We had four shooters shoot one or more rifleman scores but most of them had already earned their Rifleman Patches at previous Appleseeds. Armywife, in addition to working as an IIT managed to shoot a short range and a long range AQT and confirmed her Rifleman status at both ranges.

Danial Boome, the GA state coordinator was canvasing the shooters looking for other volunteers to help build the Georgia Appleseed program.

I had a fine time and hope everyone else did too.