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Field Shoot FAQs

Started by wildman, February 16, 2010, 10:45:22 AM

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Q: What is the skill level required for Field Shoots?

A: Field Shoots are not for beginners but you don't have to be a High Master. Years ago before Appleseed Fred required shooters to shoot a rifleman score before going to the 500 yard range. There is a reason for that. We must keep all rounds fired in the impact area. Behind the range there are farm fields and houses one round gets off the range and does some damage and we are out of business. As Field Shoot Boss I have the right to stop anyone I think can't keep their rounds on the range from shooting. What we are asking you to do is be honest with yourself before you come to a Field Shoot. If you have shot a rifleman score or close to it at an Appleseed event you are probably good to go. If you are new to shooting we highly recommended you attend an Appleseed first.

Q: What rifle should I bring?

A:The rules limit the caliber to .32 or lower no .50s no class 3s. We have found that .30 cals do a better job of dropping targets but lots of shooters bring 5.56. Semi-auto and bolt guns are fine. Bring the rifle you shoot best.

Q:Scoped or Iron Sights?

A:We shoot iron sights for the Morgan's Crew and WW2 COFs. You may shoot a scoped rifle at any Field Shoot but it will not qualify for the Morgan's Crew award or the WW2 event. The KWSC is set up for scoped rifles. If you shoot the KWSC with iron sights and qualify you will be superman for a day, remembered around the campfires for years to come.

Q:How much ammo do I need?

A:That depends on you and how well you shoot. The better shooters may shoot 50 or 60 rounds because their rifles have zero's. If you haven't got a zero and haven't been able to shoot at 400 yards you will need to double that. If you are new to field shooting I would think at least 150 rounds. 

Q:What time do I need to be there and what else do I need to bring?

A:Field shoots start at 10:00 when EDT is in effect 09:00 other days be there before then to get registered and set up. It takes all day to get everything done in winter and most of the day in the other seasons. You'll be there all day bring comfort items and food if you want to eat. Binoculars are very helpful.

Q:What does it cost?

A:The range fee is $20.00. Attend any three paid Field Shoots and KWSC free. Youths (18 or under) with a paying parent shoot free. Wives attending with paying husbands shoot free. All active duty military and police shoot free. If you have a question not answered here please post it here so others with the same question will have an answer.

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