Author Topic: Virtual Muster Night, Tuesday Feb. 2nd, Everyone come a-runnin'!  (Read 4790 times)

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Re: Virtual Muster Night, Tuesday Feb. 2nd, Everyone come a-runnin'!
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OK, folks, it's time for the rundown on Virtual Muster night, which occurred last night from 8-10 pm.  Here's the list of attendees:

Red Hats:  Fred, Stimey, txpirate, hawkeye, Law Man
IIT's:  MCKNBRD, Bonden, Karl2500, steves4570, M1NC, neilr, FourIze, Iron Pony
Forum members:  checksix, Carolina Gal, Wylde Bill, Tareece, Hawk_308, 1shot, paintballdude902

1.  We have 10 Red Hats.  Five showed up, and several others would have if not for work/school commitments.  Good showing.

2.  Of our 11 IIT's, 8 checked on the forum.  Outstanding!

3.  As a result of this muster, I was able to make contact with seven new members, five of them for the first time.  I was also very pleased to learn that one's recent absence from the forum was due to his state senatorial campaign!  For all of you in NC Senate District 7, which includes Franklin County, Granville County, Vance County, and Warren County, please be aware that there is an Appleseeder on the ballot, and his name is Glen Bradley.  He wants us to know that he wrote the NC version of the Firearms Freedom Act, and won it sponsorship in the House from Rep David Lewis.  For all of you in this district, I would like to challenge you to inspect Mr. Bradley's record.  As State Coordinator for Appleseed, I am barred from granting endorsements to any political party or candidate.  However, I can say that I personally am envious of those of you who will have the privilege, as well as the civic responsibility, of voting in the NC Senate District 7 election this year.

The rest of the night was spent hashing out the plans for this Saturday's Instructor meeting.  Currently, I have the following verbal commitments to attend:  Fred, 7.62BBQ, Stimey, txpirate, hawkeye, Law Man, the Kid, len1459, P shooter, Red Wolf, Karl2500, steves4570, HEAVY-CAV, bulkhead, Bonden, FourIze, Tareece, and our Regional Coordinator, VAshooter.  Due to the expected immoderate weather, however, I will not be offended in any way by those who can't make it.  For the purposes of this update, I will proceed as if everyone still plans to show up. 

During the morning on Saturday, we will split our numbers to accomplish two tasks.  The first group will meet at the Burger King near the GSO Coliseum in Greensboro to man a table at the gun show that will be held there this weekend.  The Burger King is just off the High Point Road exit from I-40, and all volunteers for the show should arrive betwee 8:00am and 8:30am.  This group will promote the Appleseed Program in general and the February shoots at Yanceyville and Ramseur in particular.  Appleseed attire is strongly encouraged, whether it be T-shirts, hoodies, polos, caps, whatever.  This group will stay at the show until lunchtime, when it will depart the show for an as yet to be determined lunch site.  So far, the first group will include Fred, Bonden, FourIze, and Tareece.

The second group will muster up at a warehouse in Kernersville to pack shoot boxes for our nationwide April 17-18 shoots.  This group will muster around 8:30am and pack boxes until lunchtime, when they will link up at the lunch site with the first group.  This group will include Stimey, txpirate, bulkhead, and steves4570.

The lunch will be a time of meeting each other, debriefing about the show, etc.  After the lunch is concluded, we will all proceed to the warehouse for the meeting.  Everybody needs to bring a chair or two; the warehouse has plenty of floor space, but no furniture.  We will cover such topics as our future expansion plans, IIT development and promotion, event promotion, and whatever else needs addressing.  We will also have promotional literature available for distribution.  Expect this meeting to last for a couple of hours.

Now, the last item to consider is staffing the show.  Right now, I only have plans to staff the show on Saturday morning, but I am open to suggestions as to how we could staff it all weekend.  We could run it in shifts on Saturday afternoon by splitting off during the meeting, but that would not be my first option.  Likewise, we could staff it on Sunday if people were willing to do that, just as we could send a crew to the warehouse to pack more boxes on Sunday.  I'd like some suggestions on this.

That's the big plan so far.  One last item.  My NC Master Member's List now has 48 names on it.  Fellow North Carolinians, we have got some things to be proud of!  Everybody give me a shout back on your availability this weekend if you haven't yet (or if plans have changed), and whether you want to work the show or the warehouse.  Also, I am taking any requests on discussion topics for the meeting.

See you all Saturday!

"Give me an army of West Point graduates, I'll win a battle.  Give me a handful of Texas Aggies and I'll win a war!"  Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.