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New Mexico April 17-18th 2010 Planning
« on: February 11, 2010, 02:54:21 PM »
Well folks, 2010 is going to be a big year for us. And one of the biggest days will be April 17-18th in celebration of April 19th, the day the Revolutionary War began.

We will be having three events on that weekend. "Three?" Yes, three.

Rio Rancho

Notice the symmetry. Three R's. (Don't ask me how that happened...  ::))

Now we have some tall tasks to accomplish before then.

Firstly we need to come up with ways to make these shoots extra special. Remember, were showing our respect and gratitude for the sacrifices those brave men, women and children made on that day so we really need to kick it up a notch. Now we have to stay within the POI (Points of Instruction for the newer folks) but we can add other stuff in there as long as we hit the main points. Add your thoughts below on what we can do to make this an extra special event.

Secondly we need to get these shoots manned. Sign up early if you can. I for one want to know what kind of staffing level we will have so I can start thinking about what we can add to the AS without overloading everyone.

Thirdly, get the word out. We need to PACK these shoots. We have plenty of advanced notice and there isn't a reason why we shouldn't have them sold out by the middle of March. Invite your friends, family, spouses, co-workers, bosses, creepy guy down at the book store. Print up some fliers and post them all over the place. Laundromats, fun stores (gun stores), college campuses, community centers, hardware stores, grocery store notice boards, local union halls (Yes, I have done this at one!), elk lodges, 4h clubs, ffa meetings, Boy scouts, cub scouts, Girl scouts, Royal Rangers (christian version of the scouts), walmart, target, kmart, smoke shops, paint shops, coffee shops, tea shops, sandwich shops, computer shops, internet cafes, churches, synagogues, temples, shrines, town halls, community calendars, newspapers, local radio shows and even the town's liberty pole are all great places to try and promote the shoots at. (BTW, if you find a town with a liberty pole let me know where it's at, as I just might have to move there!  ;D)

Also nothing is as special as getting involved with Appleseed on that hallowed day. I became an IIT on April 19th, 2009 and I have to tell you I look back at it with great pride and a warm fuzzy spot in my heart that I stepped up on the day it all began. (Thanks for the opportunity Bluefeather!) Tell your friends and neighbors about the great sense of accomplishment and pride you have from stepping up to save our nation. Talk to them about the events of April 19th, 1775 and explain that they have a civic DUTY to get involved. Your enthusiasm and CONFIDENCE WILL make them wonder "Gee, what the heck got him/her so riled up? I'd better check this out!" And so the process of saving our nation AND our couches' springs begins to build more steam, growing stronger, Prying opening eyes that were once crusted shut with the barnacles of apathy and getting people who CARE about other people in office. Voila! That's Appleseed!

So also post below where you have and are going to put up fliers. By sharing where we are promoting at we can help maximize our efforts by not wasting time going back over ground that has been covered. If your not promoting shoots, then why not? Keep a pile of the fliers in your car/truck/suv/golfcart/saddle so you can hand them out at a moments notice. You never know where you might have an opportunity to tell someone about Appleseed.

So in recap, post where your promoting at or posting fliers at. Also post your ideas for making our April 19th shoots as extra special as we can. It is all of our responsibilities to promote Appleseed. Us poor shoot bosses can only be in one place at a time so we NEED your help. Your COUNTRY needs your help.
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Re: New Mexico April 17-18th 2010 Planning
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2010, 12:14:59 AM »
We are sending out a PR for our Raton shoot(s) to a few of the local newspapers in N NM and Southern CO.
We did this last year as that is where most of the shooters came from. Had nearly 50 folks show up as you know.
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