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NRA Highpower events

Started by Santander, October 30, 2007, 10:30:44 AM

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Are NRA Highpower events still being held at the RWVA range in Ramseur, NC?
If so, when are they. If this is posted somewhere then it was just not intuitively obvious to me. I just did a quick search for "NRA Highpower" and that yielded 0 results.


Atlas Shrug


The standing schedule is the first Saturday of the month at noon.  AR-180 and I have made a couple of them, but my schedule does not allow it much.  I might be able to make the Dec. or Jan. ones, though.

I'd suggest that you contact him and see if he's going.  (You have his email in the last ones we exchanged, if that helps.  :)  )

FWIW, it's "Don" who runs those, although Wildman does show up at them some times.

Modified to add:

One reason I think that you should go to these specific high power events versus others in the region is that you can use rifles and gear that are against NRA HP rules.  Other places (Sir Walter, NSSC, DPRC, etc.) won't allow things against the rules.

Also, you can get good rifle/ammo dope for 200, 300, and 500 yards at RWVA.  Butner is good to 600, but 'ya got to obey the rules.  For 600 yard work, check the NSSC web site and look for practices or practice matches that are at 600 (like Dec. 2 coming up).  These are prime opportunities that you should make.  I fear that Butner may not be available to us forever, so use it now.  Military ranges are already a pain, and NG places are getting worse.  Even Guernsey WY is not so open now, as I hear.

Also, take part in the CMP East Games, at Butner again this spring.  I had a conflict last year, but will attempt to shoot in a few events in 2008.

That's the landscape around here.   :)