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Event Promotions: It's Time to Get Started
« on: January 21, 2010, 01:20:11 AM »
That's right, North Carolinians, now is the time to begin promoting for the upcoming year.  Let me start out by thanking those of you who responded to the blast PM I sent out last year.  Thankfully, I have now met many of you personally, and I am convinced that we have a very good team in North Carolina.  I would urge you to meet with those in your area, so that your efforts will be well coordinated and efficient with regard to spreading the word about Appleseed and upcoming events.  

I have organized us into smaller teams which are either tied to a shoot location or a targeted area for promotion and starting new shoots such as the Charlotte, Asheville, and Fayetteville areas.  Allow me to introduce you to each other.  

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Now, for the assignments (GASP!!).  Read the following post:

There are plenty of ideas in this post, things that can be done to promote Appleseed without having to go out of your way to do it.  Please read this carefully and apply some of these suggestions to your daily routine so we can have another great year.  To this, I will add a couple of observances.

First, the suggestion in the above post about Event Promotions Bosses is a good one, but I don't think we need them in NC.  We should all be doing this.  There are not enough of us to designate one PB, and too much work for one person if we did.  Therefore, I ask that each of the instructors do all they can to promote the events they instruct at.  Txpirate and bulkhead gave me this idea, after they learned that there would be no one pre-registered at Yanceyville last weekend.  They brought their own students with them, five attendees that would not otherwise have come.  Let's all try to emulate their example.

Next thing:  We need to start making our presence felt at the gun shows.  Also, NC Appleseed is now an associate sponsor of an amateur drag racing circuit.  We need to start making our presence felt at these events, as well as other outdoor events.  We also now have a contact with the Campaign for Liberty, and I will be working with HEAVY-CAV to hash this out.

Further,  there should be an Appleseed flyer at every gun dealership and outdoor activities store in the state (barber shops are also good, and local gossip can clue you in to who might be willing to let us host shoots on their private land).  None of these tasks are difficult, and many times can be incorporated into your daily routines.  

Of course, I need to do my part, which is to meet with prospective ranges, sympathetic gun dealers, and the general public.  That means that I will be traveling to your area soon to promote Appleseed, and it would be very helpful to have a promotions effort and some preliminary contacts developed before I get there. To help me do this, please reply with the following:

Your nearest LOCAL gun store, outdoor supplier, ammo source, etc.
Your nearest range or practice area
Any landowner points of contact that have expressed a willingness to host Appleseed
Your willingness/availability to man a table at a gun show or racing event
Your willingness/availability to post flyers at your local gun store
Most Important:  your own suggestions as how to promote Appleseed.

Lastly, two final points.  Congratulations to txpirate on his first event as Shoot Boss!  Now there are five of us.  Next, I would like to take bulkhead's suggestion about a planning meeting a step further and suggest a statewide instructor social/meeting/get together.  The most logical area for this meeting would be somewhere central, like Raleigh to Greensboro.  When you reply to this message, please indicate your interest in attending such an activity.  

Thanks, everyone.  Be seeing you soon!

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Re: Event Promotions: It's Time to Get Started
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2010, 09:31:18 PM »
Here is the Flyer for the Charlotte Appleseed BBQ.--facebook page:

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