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UN After Action

Started by wildman, October 20, 2007, 10:15:23 PM

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The UN celebration today was one of the better shoots of the year. The weather was perfect and aside from problems with one FN-FAL the day was darn near perfect. We had a small number of folks come but the ones who did were ready to be serious about working their craft and have a great time.  That we did.

We started with some warm up shooting at 25 to get our minds right and help speed up getting good solid zeros at actual distance. An old classmate of mine showed up I hadn't seen him in about 34 years. He looked a lot older. Anyway we helped get him and his son get back in the game and they took to it like ducks to water. I think you may see them at the next Appleseed.

It really tough to hit 400 and 4++ targets if the shooter doesn't have good zeros so we spent several hours working on zeros at 2,3,and 400 yds.  Ben a resent Appleseed attendee was a good example of what the Appleseed training can produce. I was impressed. Unfortunately Ben's rifle had a pretty serious malfunction near the end of the day. A round fired out of battery destroying a magazine and warping the lower receiver. Ben got the devil scared out of him and a scrape along with a few small cuts on his left arm.  He handled it like a trooper and hopefully we will see him back in action soon.

The gang seemed to really enjoy the "Pumpkin Thump." Thats a new event I dreamed up after all it is October. Take six small to medium pumpkins put'em on the range at 200, 300, 400, and 4++ yds and see what happens. Each shooter gets to chose which pumpkin he wants to try and hit...two round max. The pumpkins doesn't blow up when hit and will take several rounds without falling apart. Hits can be easily detected by watching closely. We got hits on all the pumpkins but one; shade and grass made that one all but impossible to see.

Kevin M. has been hard to beat on sniper events with that super scope and darn good M1A of his but today the wildman got the better of him. I know that will just make him work harder. I'll have to just work harder also.

That a wrap on the news from the home range hope to see you at the KWSS in December...... wildman
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