Author Topic: Sierra Vista, AZ 12/19-20/2009 AAR  (Read 967 times)

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Sierra Vista, AZ 12/19-20/2009 AAR
« on: December 21, 2009, 01:58:52 PM »
  Another terrific Appleseed with fellow citizens who do the program proud.

  We had 13 shooters present on Saturday, and about half were repeat-seeders.  12 shooters returned on SUN to include two SUN-only shooters.  Milt, an IIT3 from New Mexico, joined us on both days and was a welcome addition to the line (we had three RedHats - AZGromit, AZRedHawk44 & lysander6 on the line).  I was a Shoot Boss-In-Training.  The entire AZ Instructor Corps in one location (all three of us).

  I was pretty impressed with the turn-out because of its proximity to the holiday weekend.

  The Red Coat targets scores for the four iterations were a roller coaster but four of the Shooters were eligible for Morgan's Rifle Company on SUN.  They were soaking up the instruction.

  The SAT lunch time history lessons went extraordinarily well as the three Red Hats gave their respective Strike narratives.  We also had a rather large map of the march out and retreat back to Boston on that fateful day which was very helpful.

  We closed out the day as shooters scored their targets and we had no Riflemen but we had some amazing improvements in shooting from the SAT scores to the SUN afternoon.  One shooter improved by approx 110 points to shoot in the 180s WITHOUT a sling or Tech-Sights on his 10/22.  He is remedying that as we speak.

  It just makes my heart sing to see the future riflemen on the line in what is an exhausting but worthwhile two days of instruction.

  Remember shooters:  Practice!  Persist!  Your primary  task for the next Appleseed is to bring friends and family.
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Re: Sierra Vista, AZ 12/19-20/2009 AAR
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2009, 03:36:23 PM »
Thanks to the entire AZ instructor corps!  Although we had been to an Appleseed before, we both took away valuable knowledge from this one, in fact, probably more sunk in this time than the first time.  Thank you Mr. Gromit, Redhawk, and Lysander for finally getting my aging brain around the sling concept, I have some dry firing to do.

The visual aids were FANTASTIC!  My wife made the "aha" sound when sight pciture was demonstrated with them...very cool.

Looking forward to the next one, I NEED a Rifleman patch!

Thanks again,

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