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Title: AzCDL Meeting in Tucson on 10/3 at the Beaudry Event Center (AAR Posted)
Post by: lysander6 on October 01, 2009, 01:58:40 PM
I will be at the AzCDL Annual Meeting to both attend the meeting and promote Appleseed.  If you can show up, please bring 100+ flyers for the shoot of your choice in AZ through DEC.  I will be heavily promoting the Buckeye Shoot on 17-18 OCT and other shoots.

Registration starts at noon and they are expecting approx 350 shooters.


If you live in AZ and are not a member, this organization is far more effective than the NRA in advancing our firearms liberties.  You can thank them for the 9/30/09 laws which allow you to keep a firearm in your vehicle at work and carry CCW in a bar, among others.

The Beaudry Event Center
3200 E. Irvington, Tucson, AZ
Title: Re: AzCDL Meeting in Tucson on 10/3 at High Noon at the Beaudry Event Center
Post by: lysander6 on October 06, 2009, 02:08:54 PM
Greeting Fellow Arizonans:


A successful event for both AZ gun rights and the Appleseed program.  About 350 folks showed up and I set up an AS table and handed out flyers for shoots and my cards for anyone with questions.  I did get a brief opportunity to speak in front of the assembly to promote the program and would like to see if we can get AS corporate approval to have an AzCDL sponsored AS Shoot in AZ.  There are approx 3500 members in the AzCDL and if we could get ten percent of these shooters to an AS, we could nearly double attendance for the year (AZRon has the exact numbers, I am sure)

For those unfamiliar with what AzCDL is and what they do, please go to the link in the first post.

I spoke with Chris Knox (son of Neal Knox) who writes The Knox Update in Shotgun News.  He expressed great interest in attending a shoot and writing a column about it.  I have the conn on this.