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Title: Illinois Gun Show Heads Up!!!!
Post by: Garand69 on August 09, 2009, 03:38:26 PM
It is beginning to get to that time of year again folks.

We have several Gun Shows sneeking up on us in Southern IL and we need your help!!!!!

New Berlin Gunshow
Aug 15-16
Sangamon Co
New Berlin IL

Belleville Gunshow
Aug 22-23
Belle Clair Co Fairgrounds
Belleville IL

Tuscola Gun Show
Aug 29-30
Community Building
Tuscola IL

CADA Gun Show
Aug 29-30
DuPage Expo Center
St.Charles IL

Ideally a table is best, but if you only have time to drop off flyers, that would be fine as well.
If anyone can step up to the plate and help us out it would be greatly appreciated. We have several shoots coming up that need to be pushed.

If your interested, let us know! O0