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Title: Known Distance event in Pelham, TN June 18-19
Post by: Ramblin' Wreck on April 26, 2022, 09:59:57 AM
Hey y'all,As we enter the 2022 Appleseed season, I want to remind everyone to promote the upcoming KD events in your state if you have any. The goal of the shooting component of our program doesn't end with minting 25 meter .22 caliber riflemen. The marksmanship goal is to create a nation of riflemen with BATTLE RIFLES who are capable of shooting the Rifleman's Quarter Mile. The most logical spot for the KD sales pitch is at the end of the KD block on day 2 of your events.

I know we already have KD events on the schedule for Florida, Alabama and Tennessee. If your state doesn't have a KD available range, I want to encourage you work hard to find one, or more. If you need help from me, please let me know. There is still room on the line in Pelham, TN for the June 18-19 weekend. Come out and get on the line before the heat of summer REALLY settles in.  I won't be able to make the event which means it probably will NOT rain. ;D
The colonists could not have won the American Revolution using bows and arrows against British muskets, and current day Patriots should not expect to preserve Liberty with a .22LR no matter how accurately they shoot.
Ramblin' Wreck