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Title: Fall KD at Tusco in New Philly, Ohio
Post by: Corvette on September 14, 2020, 03:31:32 PM
PA Appleseed,

Just a reminder, we have another Known Distance event coming up this fall at Tusco Rifle Range near New Philly, Ohio on October 24&25, 2020.  We still have open slots for four more shooters.  Come challenge yourself at real distances and see if you are a Rifleman or a Cook.  ;)

Tusco is in east/central Ohio and an easy drive from PA.  Over on I70 and up I77.  Great location with local camping/bunk in the clubhouse options and they have both heat and showers for folks bunking on site.  Pretty sweet.  The link to the event is:

If you are an Instructor, get with one of your shoot bosses to get you signed up.  Come join us for a great weekend of long range work.  PM me with any questions on details. 

Corvette Ohio SC