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Title: Need volunteers to rep Appleseed!
Post by: EZ3 on January 25, 2020, 01:16:27 PM
The Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC) Spring Gun Bash will be Saturday March 21st at the Washington County Fairgrounds.  Some of the western PA cadre has agreed to sponsor the event.  A $300 sponsorship gets us (Appleseed) advertised on the event t-shirt, gets us five of the t-shirts and 10 general admission tickets.  General admission tickets get you in the door, and food & beverages.  These are NOT the main raffle tickets that go for $50.

The five t-shirts will go to the first five instructors willing to pitch in for the sponsorship, whether or not you attend.  If you want to contribute, PM me with your t-shirt size.  Split five ways the contribution would be $60.  We are also looking for volunteers to put on their Appleseed logo gear and spend some time representing Appleseed at the event.  Ten slots available, and unlike most promotional events, free grub!

I need to get the sponsorship application in soon, so let me know toot sweet!  Border-raiders are welcome, and lodging can be arranged if necessary.
Title: Re: Need volunteers to rep Appleseed!
Post by: EZ3 on January 27, 2020, 06:41:53 PM
Four Appleseeders have stepped up to split the sponsorship, only one slot (and one FOAC t-shirt) left!  Remember, there are still going to be five general admission tickets available for Appleseeders who are not sponsors, but who will attend in their Appleseed gear to promote the program.

The main raffle tickets for the event are sold out, so if you are thinking about going you will need a general admission ticket.  You can have one for the price of wearing your Appleseed t-shirt & ballcap (or watch cap, or boonie).  It's hard to beat that deal!


Title: Re: Need volunteers to rep Appleseed!
Post by: EZ3 on January 31, 2020, 07:51:02 PM
I need to send in the sponsorship application, so we're going with four  sponsors.  If anyone wants to chip in later we can make arrangements.  Even if you are not interested in sponsoring, please save the date (3/21) and come to the FOAC Gun Bash in your Appleseed gear.  Let me know if you are coming, and I will save a (free) ticket for you.
Title: Re: Need volunteers to rep Appleseed!
Post by: EZ3 on February 18, 2020, 10:29:32 PM
Gun Bash update:

Getting a display table inside to promote the program will cost $500.  I think we are already in it for enough cash, so I would prefer to pass on this.  However, we can set up a table outside the building to catch the people going in for FREE, as long as we notify the FOAC organizers we are coming and we do not impede traffic.

Anyone interested in getting there early to man a table outside?

Also, I will be working on a flyer to hand out with some FAQs and a schedule for events in PA.  I will only be including events that are on the forum calendar by Friday, March 13th.  If you are lining up an event, get it on the calendar!