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Title: Awesome Fall Day at Vets Shooting Center
Post by: Quinncannon on October 09, 2019, 07:40:39 PM
Finally, Fall is here in north central Arkansas! This week, we met today for the usual 600 yard match, instead of on Thursday, almost the perfect day!

Only two shooters with service rifles, shooting with slings today, the rest were F Class shooters, shooting prone with a bipod.

The Service Rifle Class was well represented by two stalwart "Dangerous Old Men", ArcEagle14 and Quinncannon. Both shot their matches in a good Appleseed manner, keeping the majority of their hits in the 10 ring, huzzah!  Rifles used, an LRB M14 and an AR15, both rifles serve well in this capacity, with good ammunition and proper shooting.

As usual, we extend an invitation, to all of those who wish to apply skills learned at an Appleseed to attend one of our weekly shoots. If you don't have a proper rifle for shooting distance, we'll supply you with one, even ammunition, if needed! We'll even provide coaching, if needed, as well.

Quinncannon, out.