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Title: Parma, ID, September 28/29, 2019 AAR
Post by: Prescott on September 30, 2019, 12:28:22 PM
This was supposed to be the last event for the year, but we had another SOLD OUT SHOOT at the range!   I am thrilled at the participation of AS event at Parma this year!   I am going to talk to the Parma RGC board and ask for one more date for this year.   My calendar is open for an event on the second weekend of November, so I will request running an event on that date this evening.   If approved, I will get the date added to the AS events page this week.

This was a great event, as we had a very good mix of students.   Lots of youth, women, and families all shooting together.   Everyone managed to keep up their spirits, as this was the first true fall weekend of the year.   A cold front passed through the area over the weekend, and it brought the low temps into the 30, and kept the high temp in the 50s.   Add in a little wind, and it was a bit chilly in the mornings.

The students shot one AQT on Saturday afternoon, and while we had one repeat rifleman shoot a Rifleman score, the remaining AQT scores were pretty low.   We doubled down on Sunday and taught detailed instructional sets again, to make sure the students were learning the marksmanship techniques.   What a difference this made.   The group sizes started dropping and by the end of the day there were four new rifleman and two repeat rifleman.

Congratulations to Marshall and David for requalifying their Rifleman scores, and to Justin, Logan, Shane and Danielle for earning their Rifleman's patch!   We had a couple other shooters that showed great promise, but just couldn't quite break the 210 score.   Keep dry practicing and come back in November and the patch will be yours.

I would like to thank the Morton and SasserCollins families for coming to the range this weekend!   Project Appleseed is all about passing on the heritage of our country to our posterity.   

I will get some pictures of the event posted this morning as well.

Thanks again for coming out and making this a great event.

In Liberty,
Title: Re: Parma, ID, September 28/29, 2019 AAR
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Title: Re: Parma, ID, September 28/29, 2019 AAR
Post by: Manly Man on October 20, 2019, 02:29:23 PM
Finally getting around to putting link to the pictures I took.

Link to photos (