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Title: 600 yards at the Vets Shooting Center
Post by: Quinncannon on September 24, 2019, 01:19:26 PM
19 September 2019, a few of the regulars met for more NRA High Power type shooting at 600 yards, at the Vets Shooting Center. This type of event corresponds well to Appleseed style shooting that we do. All but one competitor, this day has been through Appleseed and have been Rifleman qualified for many years now.

The competition this day, was fierce! Scores were neck and neck, the skill displayed by each Rifleman is quite apparent, given all the practice matches we have had since spring, four each month!

Barring bad weather, we will likely shoot this Thursday, 26 September.

Those wanting to learn more about KD type shooting or wanting to sharpen up, give us a shout, we'll likely saddle up and meet you at the range!

Quinncannon, out.