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Title: Instructors Steel Distance Clinic-READING PA-URC September 29 2019 (one day)
Post by: StevenK on May 06, 2019, 10:04:51 AM
September 29 2019


-This will be a distance clinic for the SB, Red Hats and IIT.  No qualification planned at this time due to range layout and logistics but that might change.
Stand by for the code and sign up information- please sign up only if you intend to show up because space is limited. Do not cancel at the last minute (real emergencies only). More information will follow.  The idea is to have a good day at the range and bring some new information back home.
*** Start reloading now for the riflemens quarter mile and then some.../get your zero now. Check your zero again. Get your range data, ballistic information, and chronograph your rounds.
Stand by for links (give it some time but get ready-it’s almost fall)

Persons interested should contact StevenK on the forum for a code.

Thanks.  Hope to see some old friends and make some new ones.