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Post by: TaosGlock on February 12, 2019, 07:47:56 PM

HUGE 2nd Amendment Rally!
March 2, 2019 at the Santa Fe Merry Round House

Plan to speak up!
Heads up New Mexico folks!  Liberty in our state is in dire straits.
Gun Control and Taxes: This is present day Revolutionary War stuff.

We are at that point in past history between the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of the North Bridge of Concord.
These bills are a trend and will continue throughout the country!

March 2, 2019 is the time to exercise that thing we talk about in Appleseed: “Civic Involvement”

Despite the fact that 29/33 Sheriffs oppose this, it will be on the books.
These bills will pass despite opposition. HB’s 8, 35, 40, 83, 87and 130.

Anyone of these would have been a causus belli for the the activities at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775.
Currently, there are no restrictions on government owned firearms.

See my previous post for a description of the above HB's.
NM now has supermajority and we can no longer hold off the anti’s.
Have a plan to survive in a state void of much financial and firearms liberty.

March 2, 2019 at the Santa Fe Merry Round House
( (

We are defined by how we use our power.

Our new Governor,  Bloomberg financed,
Michelle Lujan Grisham, is a reckless failure of Constitutional responsibility and a tool for a larger tyrannical government.
Most Sheriffs in the Nation oppose Red Flag Laws. This law is a major infringement on our Second Amendment liberties.
Grisham is completely ignorant of our Founding history. 
In the end, our Founders knew that the true test of liberty is our right to test it.
We are running out of options...
 Speak out and let yourself be heard on March 2.

Just so everyone knows what is happening with NM government.
All the gun bills that will affect the law abiding citizens and have zero effect on crime are flying through
committee and are expected to be passed. The three strikes law for violent offenders was struck down in committee.
The firearm enhancement law for committing a crime with a firearm was struck down in committee.
Then there is a huge tax bill proposed that would raise the tax rates in New Mexico through the roof, crippling most of us.
Oh and don't forget the 'Sanctuary State' and minimum wage bills are also flying through committee and are expected to pass,
which will bankrupt most small business. BlueFeather and I are one of those small business!
They are also voting to end the 'Electoral Voting' process and going to ram thru the 'Popular Vote'.
This would effectively neuter The Ballot Box, a tool the Founders gaves us an alternative to the Bullet Box.
To top it off our newly elected Governor has signed an executive order to make New Mexico a green state.
So they are not going to give out anymore oil and gas leases on state land, and are going to make up the difference in tax revenues by imposing high tax and strict regulations on all fossil fuel business. A 10 cent a gallon tax is scheduled soon!

Again, Taxes and Gun Control: Revolutionary War  stuff.
If you live in New Mexico, I urge you to pay attention to what is going on, because when this 90 day legislation session
is over our state will not be the same, and not for the better.
From insider information I have within the Round House, there are many small NM business current looking at exit
strategies from our state.

It gets worse for New Mexico.... 
This is the stuff that brings empires down. Never in New Mexico history have we experienced such illegal and tyrannical
disrespect for our legislative process. And this involves our ability to stay armed and free! Be very afraid folks!
Stay armed! Be very politically active and keep vigilant in all aspects of this oppressive NM government.
How they are doing it:

Our posterity and current citizenry know nothing about history. Witness all the anti-gun rallies as of recent.
And the local state politicians ignoring our rights. We may well repeat our past. What they believe to be fictitious will become reality.

The beauty of the Second Amendment is it will not be needed until they finally try and take it away.

Our Founders nailed it:

MLG has publicly stated that she wants to specifically BAN AR-15’s. Then it is on to semi-autos.

This will effect many NM Appleseed shoots, especially at the NRA WC. 
They are on a roll and the 60 day session is only part way thru.

 This type tyranny is happening on many state levels a quickening pace. Much of this is financed by
Soros and Bloomberg (and the cartels, at least in New Mexico).

For serial killers, perverts, psychopaths and sociopaths, politics and its associated tyranny is is the ultimate cloaking device
 to practice evil and steal our money thru taxation. All eventually at gun point. When the government violence brokers
come for your evil weapons they will do so with evil government taxpayer funded weapons.

Molon labe. Resist, rinse and repeat.

Let's fill the lines on our shoots!!

See you all in Santa Fe on March 2!

In liberty,
Post by: TaosGlock on February 15, 2019, 05:26:42 PM
Canceled by the event coordinators due to safety and security concerns.
Apparently extreme factions were advocating methods not conducive to winning the hearts and minds of the people.