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Title: 2019 Instructor Purchase Program Form #1 - Ruger now available
Post by: nyrasgt on January 25, 2019, 07:27:57 PM
Fellow Appleseed Instructors,
      The 2019 Ruger Instructor Purchase Program form for both long guns and pistols is now available.  The manufacturers will not allow the posting of the form, but I can send a copy to eligible instructors who PM me an email address.  With regard to selection,
some manufacturers are more flexible regarding the purchase of non-listed items than others.  Never hurts to ask, politely and respectfully - but no guarantees.
       Later on I expect to receive S&W, Thompson Center, Mossberg, and Henry forms as well, and will advise when they become available.
      You will need a friendly, local FFL to take delivery (providing his or her FFL to the manufacturer AND NEEDING A COPY OF THE MANUFACTURER'S FFL FOR THE LOCAL FFL'S RECORDS!!!), who may charge for the service.  Guess how I know this.
     Happy shopping and, deservedly, saving.